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Hi all,
The reason this site is great, is because we can debate and post opinions. This is an opinion and not to be deemed as gospel.

There are quite a few posts that target players and their alleged soft underbellies. This to a certain degree is true. A coach doesn’t tackle or display flashes of brilliance in attack. Players are responsible for this.
Although having said that, a coach is responsible for ironing out shortcomings in your game. They are responsible for game plans.

Manly traveled pretty well at the beginning of the season. When this was happening the coaching staff were heralded for their feats. Why now do we expect that when things go bad, only players are responsible?

I see Des refer to Sunday's game vs Knights as a hard day at the office.
Manly are looking flat, dull and boring. Great coaches are gauged by their performances during bad times not good. It is how you can bring your team back from the dead that really put you amongst the best.

No! I am not for once suggesting that we must call for Dessie's head, only for the blame to be spread more evenly.

What's the use you continually pick players such as Randall, King and Harris yet drop a potential goal snatcher as Witt. Players such as Bryant, Lulu and Dunley always offer us commitment, yet are always warming the bench. Astounding.

These are things that coaches are responsible for. Defensive and attacking patterns should not be a blanket drill, but be tweaked as per your opponents.
When we played The Knights we knew that we were already entrenched in the 8. Sharks lost the night b4. This should’ve given us confidence to attack the Knights more often as we did. Everyone saw what happened. It seems that our desire to play safety-first rugby is being easily negated and therefore we offer nothing in attack.

A team such as the Broncos whom plays a similar style has the players with flair at the end of its plundering forwards. We sadly do not. Hence my request for the blame to be evenly spread.


Winging it
Patatkop, good post. I think that players are easy targets because what they are doing is right in front of us. However, I will put $100,000 to a $1 that there is probably not one single member of the combined coaching and playing staff who is under more pressure to deliver than Des. This would be from every level within the both the Footy and League clubs. Your sentiments are how I felt about Peter Sharp, but he had something like 6 years to have a go. Des is coming up to 2 years and some purchases haven't come up to the hoped for standard. Still, you make valid, fair and even tough comments.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Plata you make a very sound arguement. I think Des is adverse to change and that is why we are falling over at the moment.

Early season our game plans worked but other teams have worked us out and now we struggle especially in attack.

I also believe Des sticks to the players he knows and is unwilling to take a risk on untried players (unless injury requires it of course). This is clear from him not chosing a 5/8 lately - he doesn't want to take a punt on Burns replacing Witt. He demands loyalty from all his staff & players and in return shows loyality to them. This could be holding us back a bit as young players like Ballin, Taylor, Burns, Cuthbertson etc may have jumped out of the box if given the opportunity (look at Bryant as an example of our an unknown has really contributed this year once given a chance). Yet he persists with Chad who will not be at the club next year and is providing very little on the field.

So I will be looking at Des to come up with some changes to get us into the finals - what that is I will leave it up to him but I hope to see them soon very soon.


Totally agree.

Des was rewarded with a fresh three year contract when the side was firing and hasn't copped much criticism since then.

The downfall of this side has been sides working out how to combat the very simple play, and all Des has really done is make it even simpler by removing
the 5/8.

I'm not convinced he's the coach to take us all the way, the next two years will be the real test, he will have the squad he wants, the facilities, the money, no excuses.


Journey Man
I couldnt agree more - and have pointed out that he has been falling short along with his cattle recently.

I hope that since he has pretty muched reached his goal of making the 8 that he isnt resting on his lorels. Some are of the feeling that he is just warming the spot for tooves, me i hope not but the longer we see a lack of change and accountability the closer i get to thinking this. I would like to see Tooves as head coach and Des as assistant. Des seems to be good at the basics - fitness, standard defences etc, tooves can add the flair.

Bob you raise a good point - if he isnt going anywhere next year and the year after he has no excuses.

Im most dissapointed that some of the young guns havnt had a run. The experience before an off season off playing first grade will inspire these kids to train harder and longer than before. Cuthbo and Styles especially need a run, they need to feel the burn and pain and find their shortfalls so they can work on it over the off season and comeback stronger and fitter.

The Wheel
Premium Member
I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for another season but after that results will count.


I agree with Wheel.

One possible thing in defence of Des, is that either he thinks that the young players in PL are not as good as people here think they are, or that he thinks that bringing them up now would do more harm to them than good, and he is thinking long term.


Journey Man
I recall Des Hasler making the announcement that if he doesn't take the team to the finals this year, he would step down as coach. If we lose this week, and The Rooster win, I'd think Des Hasler would be very nervous. Everyone jumped on the Manly being successful bubble in that very lucky period for us at the start of the year. It's that mentality that we can ONLY see positives, and not realise & deal with negatives. Take the official site for example. How long does it take to get a game summary on the front page when we lose as upposed to when we win!!!
It appears accountability is a term NOT related to the form of this team. I personally think Des Hasler has made CRUCIAL errors in many facets of his applications this year.
What benefit did giving the players 4 days off do? They look more lethargic now then they did BEFORE they had the time off. The players are now asking to go BACK to the Central Coast, because they had such a good time there - what, is this a social event? OBVIOUSLY the extra running forward at 5/8 isn't working. It screws our diversity in attack, and screws with Beavers preferred position in the second row.
Des is regularly referred to as upbeat, after we lose. Other coaches like Brian Smith become filthy, become analytical.
Our fellas get fed sap juice, time off, and holidays up the coast.
You should all know that some coached initiate non drinking bans after their teams lose. It is a well known fact our fellas go down the Wharf Bar & have a merry old time. I'm in no position to tell anyone what to do in their spare time, but can I say this:-

Andrew Johns, stays at the ground after most have gone home, and practices kicks, passes & things he thinks he could have done better during the game.
Andrew Johns says that if it is within his power in any way to improve, to enhance the satisfaction of his loyal paying fans, he will do it. THAT'S professionalism.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
A coach has to be loyal to his players to an extent. If I was sacked every time I had a bad day I would be a yo-yo. In the end you have to make a call as to what creates the best stability.

Do you want a Souths (before the last six weeks) like scenario where the team changes every week and they get flogged no matter who is on the park. Clubs and coaches that play yo-yo generally have disgruntled players and a poor atmosphere.


First Grader
Great post Pata, and I agree. Dessie safety first has cost us especially in the second half too often. We need Witt back!

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