MVP: Rd 25 v Warriors

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Sorry for the delay, just finished watching replay due to kids footy training. Unlike Manly, all four kids are in the semifinals tomorrow.

2 Saab
1 Sippers

Vote away!


Sorry for the delay, just finished watching replay due to kids footy training. Unlike Manly, all four kids are in the semifinals tomorrow.

2 Saab
1 Sippers

Vote away!
Saab was very good tonight. He has really worked on the physical side of his game and is actually busting tackles off hit ups.

bob dylan

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2 Jake ( I like how he was used tonight topped the tackle count and made 25 passes).
1 Sipley


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Bullemor, Toff and Arthurs get a special mention
particularly dissapointing were Josh the shoe, Keppie, Tuilagi and Harper



Incredible momentum changing play by Schuster. I wonder if that flick on made the Kayo mini?

Gosh I hope we ship him out.



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3. DCE
2. Sippers
1. Garrick

Great games from Arthur, Harper, Haumole ( as usual) and Keppie


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3. Sipley. Can he please find some consistency, preferably at that level of involvement.

2. Bully. Excellent leg speed yet again, and highly involved.

1. Garrick. Was in everything, again.


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3) Bully - so good up the middle, as usual (yet oddly still unsigned)
2) Sipley - great stats
1) Saab - 3 tries, took high balls well

Special mentions: Arthur (should've been 5/8 sooner), Haumole, DCE, Vaega


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This one's tough. There were no real standouts.

3 - DCE
2 - Saab
1 - Reubs

Today I've seen a lot of people saying that Garrick dropped the ball deliberately and played for a penalty. To them I say ... have you ever dropped from that height, flat on your back onto the ground?? If you're not prepared for the fall, when you hit the ground hard it knocks the wind right out of you with a hell of a thump, so on that score alone I can see him dropping it because he'd just been very winded. And the fact that a minute later when the Warriors scored, Garrick could barely raise a gallop as the last line of defence (um ... why wasn't Koula back there then??) said to me that he was still winded and hadn't played for a penalty.

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