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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Fairy Bower, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Fairy Bower

    Fairy Bower Active Member

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    Mounties Vs Manly Sea Eagles
    Aubrey Keech Reserve, Saturday, March 16
    Kick-off: 3.00pm
    Referee: Liam Nicholls

    1. Peta Hiku
    2. Michael Chapman
    3. Ben Farrar
    4. Esi Tonga
    5. Jacob Gagan
    6. Jason Seage
    7. Dane Chisholm
    8. James Cunningham
    9. Kayne Lawton
    10. George Rose
    11. Michael Chee Kam
    12. James Hasson
    13. Nick Skinner

    14. Liam Higgins
    16. Justin Lemalu
    17. Ligi Sao
    18. Steve Tavita

    COACH: Luke Williamson

    George Rose replaces Ligi Sao who goes to the bench. Tom Symonds named at number 20 for the NRL team on an extended bench. James Hasson goes from the bench to starting at 12. Steve Tavita comes into the side on the bench.
  2. manlywarringah

    manlywarringah Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Aubrey Keech Reserve? Never heard of it. Did they re-name Mounties Oval?

    I'll go to the ground where the club is. I'd say that must be the one. :-/
  3. Fairy Bower

    Fairy Bower Active Member

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    Yeah, I was thinking I might have a few beers at the club if I was going but Aubrey Keech Reserve is in Dotterel St Hinchinbrook about 10 minutes drive from the Mounties club in Mt Pritchard.
    It may be just an oversight but the NSW cup team has been posted on the Sea Eagles website and it says the coach is Cliffy Lyons. I saw him down at Brookie watching the game on Saturday but I didn't see him have any interaction with the team. Like I said;probs just a typo.

    17. Ligi SAO
    18. Steve TAVITA
    Coach: Cliff Lyons
  4. Manly To Win!

    Manly To Win! Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    i'm sure it's a mistake, Williamson is definitely the coach. They'll give Mounties a run for their money.
  5. Fairy Bower

    Fairy Bower Active Member

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    Mounties have plenty of NRL experience with Jake Foster, Sam Mataora, Michael Bani, Jarrad Kennedy, Michael Picker and Dimitri Pelo all tasting 1st grade.
    Shane Shackleton named as 18th man - will be interesting to see if he gets on.

    1. Haydon Hodge
    2. Dimitri Pelo
    3. Sami Sauiluma
    4. Matt Allwood
    5. Michael Bani
    6. Mitch Cronin
    7. David Farkas
    8. Paul Vaughan
    9. Michael Picker
    10. Sam Mataora
    11. Jake Foster
    12. Scott Jones
    13. Jarrad Kennedy

    14. Pat Galea
    15. Reece Goldsmith
    16. Shannon Boyd
    17. Clay Priest
    18. Shane Shackleton
    19. Will Dreves
    20. Lancen Joudo
    21. Mitch Cahalane
  6. Fairy Bower

    Fairy Bower Active Member

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    Symonds Looking To Soar With Sea Eagles
    Adam Kidd
    NSWRL Media
    13/03/2013 3:00:00 PM

    After eight months out of the game Sea Eagles recruit Tom Symonds is looking forward to recapturing the form that saw him originally named in the 2012 VB NSW Cup Representative Team before he injured his shoulder playing for the Roosters in Monday Night Football.

    Joining the Sea Eagles the week before the season began, Symonds made a successful debut in Round One of the VB NSW Cup scoring two tries in his side’s 26-24 win over the Auckland Vulcans.

    His performance obviously caught the eye of NRL Coach Geoff Toovey because he has been elevated to an extended bench for Sunday’s NRL game against the Newcastle Knights at Brookvale.

    The Sea Eagles, who finished last season in 12th position, have been bolstered over the off season with a number of acquisitions including Symonds, David Gower, Jesse Sene-Lefao, Dane Chisholm, Richard Chee-Kam, Ligi Sao, Peta Hiku and Esi Tonga, which has added considerable depth to their playing roster.

    “From what I’ve seen so far, we have a really new look squad. We came away with a win on the weekend...but we’ve still got a lot to improve on so hopefully 2013 is a better year for our side,” Symonds said.

    “Manly have so many guys who have played footy for a long time. I immediately noticed the experienced vibe here and knowledge that the older guys are willing to pass on.”

    Symonds was unlucky to miss out on VB NSW Cup glory last year after captaining the Newtown Jets in the earlier part of the season, and he says taking on his former teammates will be a new experience for him, but one the second-rower is looking forward to.

    “I suppose it was bittersweet in a way. I was there cheering the boys on every week and was really happy to see them get the win.

    "Newtown’s a great club with so much history and I always enjoyed the opportunities I had to play there... so in the end it was just a great thing to be a part of.

    “It will be interesting playing against them. I've never moved on from a club and had to play against them before so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of banter being thrown around."

    Whilst aiming to make a return to the NRL, Symonds is firstly hoping to cement himself in a strong Sea Eagles VB NSW Cup line-up and readjust to the physicality of week to week football.

    “I was as sore as I’ve ever been after the game on the weekend. I hadn’t played for 8 months so I was feeling pretty battered on the Sunday,” Symonds added.

    "Obviously there’s a difference between NRL and the VB NSW Cup but there’s still plenty of physicality in that level of football.

    With the Sea Eagles shaping up as the big improvers for season 2013, Symonds believes his former club still remain the team to beat.

    “It's hard to tell early, but Newtown have good depth, some great players and are reigning premiers so they will be tough to beat."

    “For now I’m just looking forward to playing my best for Manly. I’m here until the end of 2014, so hopefully we can play some good footy and see where it takes us.”

    The Sea Eagles VB NSW Cup team take on Mounties on Saturday March 16 at Aubrey Keech Reserve, or head out to Brookvale Oval on Sunday afternoon to catch Tommy in action when the Sea Eagles NRL side host the Newcastle Knights.
  7. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

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    Hope he stays injury free, he has shown in the past he can play very good footy.
  8. Boofhead

    Boofhead Active Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    How come we have not been notified of this signing? Is he Michael's brother? What position does he play?
  9. Fairy Bower

    Fairy Bower Active Member

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    Must have got him mixed up with cricketer richard chee quee. Haha
  10. Fairy Bower

    Fairy Bower Active Member

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    Mounties Vs Manly Sea Eagles
    Aubrey Keech Reserve, Saturday, March 16
    Kick-off: 3.00pm
    Referee: Liam Nicholls

    Summary: Mounties will be looking to bounce back here at home after a somewhat disappointing performance against Wenty last week while Manly kicked off their season with a two point win against the Vulcans and will be eyeing off consecutive wins to start their year. The Sea Eagles have not set the world on fire in the VB NSW Cup over the past two years however their playing list in 2013 looks every bit that of a title contender. Tom Symonds has proved to be an instant hit on the northern beaches after he bagged a double last weekend while fellow new recruits in Dane Chisholm and Kayne Lawton were also instrumental in the sides home win against the Vulcans. Mounties starting 13 this weekend is largely unchanged from the one that went down to Wenty although Mitch Cronin and Michael Picker have switched from nine to six and Scott Jones will start in place of Joe Picker. Mounties have also named quite a large extended bench so the final make up of their side may well not be known until just before kickoff.

    Talking Point: Symonds says – After a big debut last weekend, we were lucky enough to catch up with Tommy Symonds for a quick chat. It would appear that he agrees with us in the fact that Manly should be the big improvers in the 2013 VB NSW Cup. “From what I’ve seen so far, we have a really new look squad. We came away with a win on the weekend... but we’ve still got a lot to improve on so hopefully 2013 is a better year for our side,” Symonds said. Symonds also went on to say he felt his old team, Newtown, are the side to beat. “It's hard to tell early, but Newtown have good depth, some great players and are reigning premiers so they will be tough to beat." We wish Tom all the best at his new club.

    Prediction: Probably the toughest match of the round to tip. Will stick with winning form and tip an upset. Sea Eagles by 7.
  11. Mal Cochrane

    Mal Cochrane I'm not really Mal Cochrane...

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    is this the first reporter who thinks manly actually have improved their depth this year?
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    • Cliffy4PM

      Cliffy4PM Active Member

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      Info on location.....
    • Supernintendo Chalmers

      Supernintendo Chalmers Well-Known Member

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      Mounties carving us up 24 - 0 after 30 mins.
      Double for Blake Ferguson
    • RL Gronk

      RL Gronk New Member

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      He's very talented Blake I bet he was sipping on pineapple cruisers and taking selfies in between tries. Is symonds playing.
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      • lsz

        lsz Well-Known Member Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        I think he is on the bench for tomorrow
      • Garts

        Garts Well-Known Member

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        Symonds was 18th man. If he is not playing today you would think Gower or Jesse has dropped out of the 17 with Symonds slotting in. I hope so anyway.
      • Fairy Bower

        Fairy Bower Active Member

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        40-10 fulltime. Absolutely terrible display. Coach went off his brain at fultime
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        • Fairy Bower

          Fairy Bower Active Member

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          Here are some observations of the game on Saturday;

          We will continue to struggle if we keep giving the opposition the ball through poor ball handling and penalties. Our ball control (particularly in the 1st half) was c grade stuff. When we had the pill we looked ok but we will always get scorelines like we did on Saturday against good teams if we don't control the ball.

          Peta Hiku: Has not shown the same form he showed in the NRL trial vs Cronulla. Seems to be out of position when the ball is kicked on the opposition's 5th tackle.

          Ben Farrar: They chose Ben to mark up on Blake Ferguson and I think this was a mistake as Ben struggled to contain him. I think they should have chosen the more robust Esi Tonga to mark him.

          Esi Tonga: Despite being driven over the sideline once on the 1st tackle he played quite strong. Ran hard and tackled hard. Just wish he had done it on the other side against Ferguson!

          Jacob Gagen: close to our best player. Always took the pressure off the forwards when taking the ball up in our quarter and showed good pace a couple of times when in the clear.

          Jason Seage: He also missed Ferguson bad once but hit back with some stinging defence. A couple of good runs too. Coming good.

          Dane Chisholm: Not as dominate as he has been. Was singled out with two late shots to rattle him. Despite this he still remained competitive.

          George Rose: I don't think George is happy playing this grade and it shows. Needs to fire up because there is only one way to convince Tooves he should be in the top team and that is to play well in this team. Mounties were like bees to a honey pot whenever he got the ball and just smashed him.

          Michael Chee Kam: Hasn't shown the type of form we saw when he played with the Raiders 20's last season. Defends well but needs to run harder with the ball. But can't be too harsh on the bloke as I think he had off-season knee surgery.

          Kayne Lawton: Another solid game from the hooker.

          Nick Skinner: Solid player who never shirks the work.

          NEXT GAME: V Wests Tigers Saturday 23 March Leichhardt Oval 1.10 pm. We are the live TV game this week!
        • BOZO

          BOZO Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Thanks Fairy Bower , keep up the great work
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          • WESTIE

            WESTIE Well-Known Member

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            Went down to watch the game - the gound was about 5 mins drive from my place - got there at three quarter time. Very hot conditions , and a crowd of about 50 -100 people.....as the score suggests, mounties gave it to us. Was nice to see Michael Bani there as well , now playing for mounties ( didnt play on the day ). Big George Rose and Michael were kind enough to pose for a picture together with my two sons.
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