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I'm not convinced that fitness in itself is the issue. I think mobility is more of an issue with the way the game is played now and I don't think that can be improved however much training is done. We need to be recruiting players who are mobile both laterally and going forward
seasons over, no point flogging a dead horse (or rotting carcass in regards to manlys season)

I don’t know why Tom bothered playing at all, he was clearly busted and the team looked absolutely garbage trying to rely on a bloke on 1 leg to do all the work…

Forwards were a joke.. I’m a huge fan of Olakau'atu, but he really was a joke for most of the season… only put his hand up to do work when we were on the front foot and in attacking positions.. struggling to get out of our half??? Needing to wrestle control back and settle into the grind??? Forget about it.. bloke disappears faster than David copperfield ..

Halves tried… cherry won a handful of games on his own with his kicking game, but mostly ran In circles trying to get someone… anyone, interested in playing some f$&king football.
Foz was great.. again, tried all he could, no one around him wanted to help out..

Croker tried hard… tackled everything that moved, but forgot to do anything else a hooker is supposed to do…

Apart from a few bright spots (Garrick, koula (at times), tippy toes getting a run)
The team was a joke.. and the same joke will run out next year.. hopefully toms healthy enough to carry them cos they sure won’t be winning any games based on their own heart or effort.. especially our joke front rowers..
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I think most suffered from an over inflated view of 2021. On top of toms season where he got into opposition's heads as much as his supreme season, some hopes were based on statistics rather than team performance.

I think we went a tad backwards as a team due to toms success and our teams ability to get out of his way. Playing from behind the line so often has us as not really contenders at all .

I think we had some great performers but we dont play a team game. Any improvement starts there.

unlucky for manly that forans 2022 season and toms 2021 season didn't coincide

if foran plays plenty if games next season id expect fifita will be in the million dollar category range again. still a gamble due to injury but potentially a very astute partnership.
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