Randall to London Broncos

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Kim Jong Dan
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Just announced on 10 news that Randall is set to sign a 1 year deal with the London Broncos.
That is a very harsh comment. I am not defending Randall's form as it i has been poor. He has failed to live up to what we thought he could have been and he certainly did not deserve a contract renewal, but to say good riddance, well that is just most un Manly like.

We have lost a Manly junior, son of a Manly legend & I find that comment to lack respect.
A player can only play to the best of his ability, I have never seen Randall not play with enthusiam & effort. You cannot ask any person to do any more than that. If a player does that he will earn my respect.

For you to claim that he has not earned respect suggests that he didn't give his best, His best, unfortunatley was not good enough. That my friend is not Randall's fault.

The club signed him & the coach picked him most weeks. He has my respect, if not my adulation.
He was signed at a time when noone else would play for us.

He's been shown more loyalty in previous years than most would receive on account of his surname.

This year he has been pathetic.

Good riddance
It's not the London Broncos anymore, they're now the London Harlequinns. In Randall, they have a match made in heaven.
He was signed at a time when noone else would play for us.

He's been shown more loyalty in previous years than most would receive on account of his surname.

This year he has been pathetic.

Good riddance

I am in no way defending his form, iit without doubt has not been up to the standard required for NRL.

Whilst NRL is a business & we must let go players that cannot value add as supporters we do not necessarily always see the business end of the decision.

We see a young kid with a famous Manly heritage and we are instantly drawing comparisons, why would we not. Randall is one of the most famous names to ever wear our jersey. He shows talent that further gains our attention, he signs with us when we are desperate for players, as supporters we of course think "he is a Randall" was there ever any doubt.

In the main supporters are mainly attracted to the game by emotions and the name Randall invokes that emotion more than others. I am saddened by the fact that Chad was not able to emulate his father, because as a fan I wanted the lineage to continue, as a realist I understand why he had to go.

When the day comes that I become as cold & calllous as you that I say good riddance to a player of this calibre and heritage will be the day I condem myself to hell.

You teach your children the greatness of the team, I also hope you teach them to also respect the players that at least try their best for the maroon & white, some players don't do that, Randall does.
I disagree with you on that last point. Randall has been feline all year.

Corso Pete, you of all people would realise that "business" requires cold and callous decision making. That's what the club has done and I fully concur with their course of action.
I agree with the decision to not renew his contract for reasons I have already stated, you will not get an arguement from me on that.

His level of effort I have found acceptable, his execution has been poor though. there is a difference between the two.
Randall has only played fg this year because Ballin was not ready to make the jump to fg until next year and we have had no other alternatives (ie our lack of depth exposed once again).

Do the London Broncos need props (King. Deadwood, Curtis), 5/8 (Witt) or a half back (Monaghan) as well?

I am sure we could do a deal - 6 for the price of one.

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