Post-Game Discussion Raiders v Manly [Round 12, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
14 GIO Stadium
21 May 2023 16:05
80:00 minute

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It’s probably not the game to be making this comment after,but they still look a bit slow and at times pedestrian.Obviously not on the edges,but there is a lot of players standing still in the middle of the park when they have the ball.Even Canberra,at times today,were all moving up with the ball,which creates options.Manly seem to set up for the trick shot or a TomT/Schuster play or DCE gives it to Olakau’atu and says just trample over them.It’s a bit easy to pick off for the better teams.Once a more dynamic dummy half is in the team,I think things will change.As i said,probably not the best game to say this


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Raiders: 14
Manly: 42


Pic: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Facebook Page


Pic: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Facebook Page

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We just need to work towards small constant improvements and consistency. There is still a lot of work to be done at both ends. The lack of ruck control and yardage made/conceded is alarming. We still struggle to respect possession. DCE's kicking in the attacking zone leaves a lot to be desired, but thankfully, we have Schu as an option there now.
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Watching from the stands it was looking bad early but they got better as the game went on and the Raiders really stunk the place up in the second half... I must admit that we finally got a lot of the 50-50s for once..! Raiders fans around me were not happy...


I wonder what the biggest difference was in the team was this week, Compare to the last few weeks ….Oh yeah, J Schuster.

Schuster easily outplays DCE every time he plays. What a joke considering DCE is one of the highest paid players in the game.

And more proof that a passing game is infinitely more important than a kicking game. You can attack with a pass a lot more than you can attack with kicks. I hope this lesson is learnt, because DCE has next to 0 passing game….and when Schuster plays his passing game completely transforms the team. And Schuster plays on the side away from Koula, Huomole & Saab, a side of the field which is far more dangerous. Turbo prefers Schuster side as well.

Apart from one good 40/20 from DCE, what were his contributions? DCE comically kicks into his own player, kicks the ball dead for a 7th tackle set, end of first half a short kick that put Manly under pressure, easy knock on in the 2nd half…..and did virtually nothing attack.

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