racism, obviously no big deal ????


well one day we have Hoppa calling a ball boy a little **** , im not condoning this, but im guessing the young fella has probably been called worst! Its full page all over the back page of the telegraph, full page picture of the ball boy etc etc etc

The next day we have Justin Harrison racially villifying an opposition player, something that all the football codes, all sports for that matter, have been desperate to stamp out of the game for years, back Page as well ???? NO CHANCE, hidden 7 pages in , in the same paper ?????

Goes to show, old Murdoch related wounds die hard,
if someone tells me that reflects the importance of League v Union, then ill completely be happy with that explanation!

having said that, and im not being biased because i dont give a flying ****, NSW is pretty much the centre of the Union universe in australia at the moment to.
My thoughts exactly- there's a big difference between "You little ****" and "you black sea-hunt" , actually I'd go so far as to say a f ing huge difference.
It's not as though Justin Harrison has a squeeky clean past either....
Yeah it is a League paper but if say Ben Kennedy called Rhys Wesser a "black sea-hunt" I'm pretty sure it would make the back of the SMH- (even though there is a bit more room on the back of the SMH).
He's not Hoppa......we should have a

Human headline counter in AE. To count the amount of times Hoppa is in the Papers. :O
Don't you mean Mike Hunt CW....
Mick Devere changed his name by deed poll from that name to his current one!

I imagine that life was hell as a teenager for the poor bloke!

An AFL player did time and paid a big fine for this offence and didn't one of the Bulldogs go for a while doing the same unpleasant thing to 'The Man' Mundine a few years back?
im also a bit dissapointed in our own Manly Daily with thjeir "Hoppa in the Poo" headline! again massive back page story. we all know Adam Lucius is a cronulla fan, but maybe our Manly Cricket team could use a bit more coverage that the inside pages heading into their first semi final for a while.

Its a free loacl paper which everyone gets so please dont use the Hoppa sells papers line.
All i can say is get used to it - Hoppa will be in the paper for everything no matter how minor
"he certainly did, what was the guys name??? its driving me crazy. He was a big chubby front rower who went to England a few years back. "

Barry Ward
Good call C & C. I couldn't remember his name but you are right. Big Willie probably still wishes he was around to take the heat of the other activities, stupidities that he carries on with.
I'd be dissapointed if Zorba wrote something I'd write, people would have to realise the diffference.

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