Quick Pepsi Summation of the night


im sure guys that a lot of this has alreadyu been written but i need to get this of my chest,

Bryant? your manager said in todays papers that the offer wasnt good enough and you where going on the open market, Please do mate and do us all a favour, i hear rent is cheap out Redfern way, enjoy! Only King stops you from being the worst prop forward of the last few weeks, just when we thought you where lifting your game you have gone back to being Crap,

As for King, no one is shocked to see his usual drivel he dished up last night, easily the softest bloke playing in the forward in the comp, suggest soccer mate. As one wag in the grandstand suggested, when the going gets tough, king goes running to the bench.

Willo, good bloke, **** footballer full stop, 2 years past his effective best as a bench player.

We simply cant make line breaks without Beaver and Bell in the team, there is no one else there who can bust a tackle. While Burns isnt the most talented player i think we missed him last night, if nothing else his one dimensional dummy and hit up gives us much needed go forward and we missed his mongrel if nothing else.

Witt, what about that missed tackle to let the try in, makes Jason Taylor look like Terry Randall. Heard rents cheap at redfern mate.

Leaving BKs incredible efforts out the best Hit up of the night came from our Left Winger Robertson when he crashed into the defence and knocked a few bolkes over, if only our forwards could hit up with such venom.

I thought Rose was our best front rower buy a mile last night attrcating defenders and at least getting us over advantage line.

Stephenson is just a **** player, heard rent is cheap at Redfern mate, mayby you can share a unit with willow.

Stewart seems out of sorts, cant remember him beating a bloke for ages and does not seem to return kicks with his usual enthusiasm.

Orford seems to be struggling but i cant remember a forward pack getting demolished like ouyrs last night.

Choc trys hard but isnt the shadow of the player he was first half next year.

Last but not least, those fans out there who think we have a team of great guys who try hard and we dont need the likes of Lyon,Creagh,Pritchard,Myles,Asotasi etc etc when they where all on the market at various times, you hae stones in your head, while we may still make the 8, im sure we will in fact, thanks to individual efforts of BK/Bell/Beaver etc, we are so far away from being a premiership force its not funny,

while we put up with mediocrity from the likes of King/Bryant/Steppa/Willo/Mattai etc we will always just be a middle of the table team. Its no coincedence that most of the above mentioned have no contract for next year!

Let us pray we get three class players of the Myles/Lyon ilk, move Burns to the bench to play a Dunley role and 2007 may be a better year!

there i feel better!


Yeah not bad.
Choc is too predictable these days. he has support players with him but the defence knows he wont use them. Just runs straight , still makes good metres though but if he started to pass to support every now and then his game would be far more effective.


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great read Pepsi - agreed with most of what you said. Though I thought Kite had a reasonably strong game as well as Rose.

I think my biggest concern is how long is BK going to tolerate carrying the team week-in, week-out. I'm sure he has almost had a complete guts full.


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It was reported after last nights game that BK was basically spraying the players with comments like "why do I (censored) work my arse off and give 100% when you (censored)(censored) watch me do all the work.... your making my decision (censored) easy."

You can't blame the bloke...


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It was reported after last nights game that BK was basically spraying the players with comments like \"why do I (censored) work my arse off and give 100% when you (censored)(censored) watch me do all the work.... your making my decision (censored) easy.\"

You can't blame the bloke...

Holy Sh!t!! That is a massive problem. 8|


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Couldn't agree more. Sure the usual suspects played like ****, sure BK carried the forwards, but the decision to play Witt in the revolving door role was Hasler's as are the other suspect calls (Matai). The soft middle is a responsibility of Roach. Surely these guys need to step up and admit their roles in this mess and either go, or coach better. Simple really, if my work is crap I get the arse. There you go.


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Yep, a poor performance by many. Witts wont get another crack after those missed tackles. It did offer a bit in attack though.


yeah Byso, but i guess you have to make the Witt V Burns comparison, while Witt is slightly more creative Burns mongrel and defence certainly cancels that out.

Especially Witts inabilty to tackle one on one.


yeah i must admit i was being overly positive and was looking for a silver lining, but i just found cloud pretty much.


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Don't worry Pepsi...we look like a rabble at the moment, and I reckon Souths will give us a right run for our money. Good read mate.

Maybe Des will give the boys another week off to play poker on the Central Coast. We were hammered the game after that as well last year!!!


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I still have nightmares about the Souths game last year, it was terrible leaving Aussie Stadium with their supporters giving us heaps :cry:

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