Questions, Starting Props and Willo and Halden


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I noticed last night that Kite didn't start the game. I wondered if this was such a smart move given the bigger, experienced and more aggressive pack put on the field by Souths. I always feel better when Kite starts each half, then has the back end of each half to rest before coming back on at the end of the game. As well was Willo rested or is he injured. Why was Halden on the bench and not used. Surely if fatigue was an issue in the second half we could have used the interchange. Strange days indeed.


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Fatigue wasn't the problem.

It was the momentum swinging, march up the field giving penalties that ruined our night.


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And maybe what the boys think of Hampstead's performance.

I haven't been this angry over a refereeing display in a long time and I don't think I'm being to harsh.


i was up in section "noseblead" so dont really know about the ref other than i was getting irate messages from mates at home watching on TV!

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I think that Des was playing some insurance. King is to come back, as will Willo.

He was seeing which player is willing to put his hand up and demand to be picked for the semis. We didn't lose much in comparison to the Homebush Hares pack in the first 20.

What was noticeable was how tired we looked in the last 20 mins.


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Yep, the back end of the game wasn't pretty. Those piggy back penalies sure didn't help the cause. I don't like it when we work across field in attack before we've made any surge up the middle which was happening at the end. I guess we were just to tired to do that then. That's why my original question as to why only have four on the bench but only use three when we were so shagged..

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