Questions for Byso

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Journey Man
Just so we don't have to abide a week of petty carping from Byso, let's flush the man out and get his responses to the following:

1. Who is the better halfback? Orford or Monaghan?
2. Who is the better dummy half? Ballin or Monaghan?


First Grader
But are you sure Orford is currently better at 7?
Potentially he is though. Just don't see it that often.


UFO Hunter
Orford is the better halfback.

The more you look at it the more you think he came back from injury too soon to try too hard to get a Blues jersey.

Not only was he not 100% but he was putting way to much pressure on himself to perform in rep selection level while still injured.

He then regained his captaincy in a side that hadn't lost a game so he probably felt even more pressure to let things continue to happen for the side and you can't do that after playing 1 game in 8 months and then being out for month.


UFO Hunter
Even though monas isn't included in the answer to those questions, he still adds more than he detracts... until he starts trying to get out of his contract. at the moment his performances on field and making up for some pretty dour stuff off it.


First Grader
Anyhow, my point is that Monas has been harshly bagged, when week after week he delivers. But some posters don't have the brains to acknowledge it. It's good to see that Ryan and Flip is starting to see merit in his performances.

I'm sure if he wasn't at the club we may not be currently at the top of the ladder.


UFO Hunter
He doesn't deliver week after week. No player does.

I don't agree that if he had a decent game that everyone should come on and bag him. But if anyone has a **** game then its talked about, the next game comes around and everyone forgets.

Its just that there are some people on the Monaghan band wagon who think he is 'untouchable' for whatever reason. That he should be excluded from any sort of discussion for reasons I can't understand.

Byso, I see merit in any players performances and very rarely do you hear it from me that he has had a '**** game' when in deed he has actually had the differ.

You will not see me budge from my view that his contract negotiations are garbage and that this is the second time he has done it. So if he collects any negative discussion because of it then rightly so at the moment.

People say he needs to do whats right for Michael. Well, FFS we support manly. What happened to our contracted players doing whats right for the bloody club. So we support Monas now in his search for a new club but we rock up next season still supporting manly, still bleeding maroon and white while the bloke you all go in to bat for at every occasion is playing in the number 7 for the west tigers.

Hard done by or not he is turning his back on our club MID SEASON and that doesn't sit with me.

Good player but I love manly too much to let that sway my opinion of the bloke.

He had a good game yesterday and I believe he should stay, but lets not forget that he is the one who wants to leave and to me that is garbage.


Journey Man
Byso - you right in my eyes. The 1st 8 rounds of this year has me thinking and realising the true value he adds to this team.

Who was it that bagged me for saying Monaghan may play Origin one day? (I know it's not you Byso, but it was definitely someone on this site).



Journey Man
Anyhow, my point is that Monas has been harshly bagged, when week after week he delivers. But some posters don't have the brains to acknowledge it. It's good to see that Ryan and Flip is starting to see merit in his performances.

I'm sure if he wasn't at the club we may not be currently at the top of the ladder.

I have never derided his heart or effort. I have been consistent in saying he's not our best halfback or dummy half.


First Grader
Crap Mata, you've basically said he couldn't play and "overpaid". From what I see he's efforts are worth 240k considering that Lyon and Ox are getting double.

Ryan, you were saying last year that Dunley was better than Monas at Hooker. So I fail to see where you think he should play SOO.


HAHAHAHA....sitting home on a sickie, not feeling well, and this made me laugh!
Mata, orford is the better half (although probably not at this point of time due to injury and fitness), but since when has anyone replied to your petty rants over the last 12ish months saying monas was the better #7? Also gotta agree that ballin is the future.....but your way to deride Monas was by his heart in the club, efforts and paypacket. You can't tell me all along we have been sticking up for Monas saying Monas was the better #7, we've just been disagreeing with your opinion of Monas as a person and a player. You had made your point about your thoughts on Monas long ago which is your right, but it was never a simple statement from you about having better players to play #7 or #9. You would post novels about Monas efforts and integrity.

Once again you've moved the goalposts and instead of making your point using Monas heart and efforts, you've gone down the track of who is the better #7 or #9.

I'm not sure where the best place is to play Monas atm, cause Orford can't be in PL and ballin has shown alot in his time in 1st grade, although maybe des should continue to give him experience by playing him as a starter and sometimes off the bench when it suits the team. He'll be full time #9 next year. Maybe Monas on bench is the best option as utility, so you can have your "best #7 or #9 argument".

El masri would never be kicking 20+ consecutive goals on your footy field!

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Just a question to pose

Monaghan gets bagged constantly for his off field efforts, and those detracting from the side.

On the flipside of that, Orford has admitted he came back early to push for rep selection, and has played 2 shockers since that statement. Is that putting personal endeavours ahead of team performance ?

NB- This is not an attack on Orford on my behalf, i want both of them firing. Just interested on the perspective of some people on the above


First Grader
KW, no double standards here mate. Not a bad word shall be mentioned about the Messiah on this site................pfffft ;)


UFO Hunter
You've gotta back that up Nutz.

What has he got no idea on and why?

I'm starting to think a lot of people just wait eagerly for mata to say something so everyone can have a crack at pat each other on the backs when their done.

Everything he has said since sunday has been 100% correct and NONE OF IT involves bagging monaghan.

Unless you all just find it fun by spinning stories so when mata says Ballin is a good hooker and is better in that role you all call it monabashing so you've got something to whine about.

Seriously, your all become a bigger joke than you make andrew out to be.


For ****sake.... you seem to be the only one on here that isn't sick to death of his BS about monaghan. Your kidding yourself if you think his new "who's the better half/hooker?" crap is what he's been saying all along... No way... there has been endless times you get onto this site after a game and he has gotten his greasy mits onto the keyboard and put **** on monaghan... It's a two way street.. if your gonna slag him than give him a wrap when he deserves it too.. that's all I ask.. I do it and it's not hard.

I don't know what games he's been watching but i don't see these constant "looping" passes he insists is going on.. You watched the game again did you notice it??? Because i know i kept a keen eye out for it and I saw nothing.

Saying our attack poor because of monaghan's service out of dummy half is a joke and a sign of a bloke who has nothing else left to argue with.

Monaghan is a major reason we are where we are right now (I remind you we are first) all i ask is that it gets acknowledged.


UFO Hunter
Adding a bit of perspective, can you not see that his post is a direct argument against the criticism that Orford came under after the game?

Everyone was calling for Orford to PL and Moans to halfback. Is it really so silly to ask whether he is our best halfback?

I tell Mata when I think he is being stupid but as someone I have met face to face I have more respect for the man than to just tell him he has no idea.

Perhaps like I said, there is a bandwagon that jumps on his case after everything he posts... because from what I can read theres not much to complain about in this post. You are just carrying an argument over, obviously from another thread at another time and it appears you are just dirty because he doesn't hold the same train of thought as you.
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