Question for the Queenslanders.


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Can any of you gents residing north of the border tell me how far it is from Goondowindi to Rockhampton, and which is the best Route.

I've got to drive up there Friday and Saturday, any tips would be appreciated.
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From Goondi you head north through Moonie. I'm not sure after that as I generally turn off for Dalby but I do know it is well-signposted to keep giong north for Rockhampton so I'd imagine it's well sign posted all the way.

It's around 7-8 hours I'd say.

How are you getting to Goondi? The Newell?


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yep, the Newell, havent decided yet whether to go through Dubbo or through Mudgee and join it at Coona. have conflicting reports so Dunno which is better.


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have fun!

Thanks Dan, tried Whereis and also Travelmate, there was a discrepancy of about 5 hours in their projected times. So thought I'd check if anyone had driven it
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The whereis times are always out (too long).

Those roads are all good condition and it will be 100 all the way (110 in places).

There's some dodgy roads between Mudgee and Coona and I'm not fussed on the Wellington/Mudgee road. If you're thinking of going via Sofola you're kidding!!!!

So Dubbo's the go but turn off the Mitchell at Wheelers Lane (right) Road To by-pass town. If you need a coffee break though, give us a call and I'll see what I can do.........

From Dubbo you take 15km off the trip by going via Mendooran rather than Gilgandra. Roads are good and fewer cops, if you get my drift. Turnoff is right, 10km north of Dubbo at Brocklehurst - follw the signs after that.


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Sofala Road is all sealed now, not a bad road at all, its the other side of Mudgee I dont know about, but doesnt sound promising.

not too worried about the boys in blue as I will be driving a rented 3 ton truck so wont really be hammering along too quick.

PM me your details and I amy call in on the way back on Monday, depending on what time I come through, Friday I'll be leaving here early so will be coming through Dubbo failry early also.

thans for that
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The Mudgee to Coolah Road is not diabolical. If going via Mudgee is significantly shorter in distance terms it'd be worth your while.

Monday is my b'day. I'm hoping the wife has plans for me that night involving lots of wa (oh nevermind).

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