qaussies - brazil


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i thought we played rather well

the 2 - 0 score line flattered the world champs we should have been on the board - went close a few times.

it goes to show we are worthy of our place in the world cup

with japan croatia having a nil all draw we are in the box seet to go through - all we need is a draw in the final game. (assuming the japs dont beat brazil scoring 3 goals plus how many we score against croatia, pretty safe assumption)


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I watched it and Australia certainly proved their worth, but when is Viduka going to score? He had 1 golden opportunity, Kewell as well.


Viduka and kewell never seem to score goals for Australia which is a big issue.

We should beat Croatia on Friday.


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bresciano (spell?) had the best opportunity - only the keeper to beat but he didnt like the angle to tried to bring it in around a defender - poor option probably from lask of confidence against a team ranked so high.

I agree tooks - what im worried about is all we need is a draw and if we go into the game thinking that we will lose. We need to play to win


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Kewell had the best opportuntity Fluff, missed an open goal, Bresciano at least made the keeper do some work


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If Kewell could use his mouth to score we would have won the game. Both Harry and Mark are way below the top league of goal-getters and regularly miss when real chances are presented. Honestly, our midfielders are better at scoring. Chipperfield is a weak link down the left flank. I am with CW, the Croatia game is going to be very difficult and despite having the ability to create great attack our finishing is going to kill us. We will be lucky to progress and I am guessing a nil all draw will be what we need.


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any draw or a win will see us through regardless of the score

our finishing does let us down - but it probably looked worse playing against the best finishers in the world


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Under Hiddinks system of course the midfielders are more likely to score. Vidukas main role is to hold the ball up for the runners coming through such as Bresciano Kewell and Cahill.

1 Striker is on a hiding to nothing.

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