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The most intriguing one is the entry in the China post


Some more:











Canteen Worker

First Grader
Great stuff Rex. Do that more often and you will end up with Wheel's job of updating the front page.

Enjoyed reading the China Post on the great Sea Eagles.


Thanks Canteen Worker.

Didn't realise Wheel had it under control. Good stuff. In future I'll scan the front page instead of going straight to the forum.

I just Googled "Manly", selected "News", and those are the articles that appeared grouped together.

Great stuff Rex. Do that more often and you will end up with Wheel's job of updating the front page.

Enjoyed reading the China Post on the great Sea Eagles.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
It's normally only the Manly Daily, Herald and Telegraph that we put on the news page - your links were excellent and covered a few that we don't put up. Also time is an issue and when things are busy or Wheel is on a junket up north it doesn't always happen!



Journey Man
We are becoming a one stop shop for all Manly - Rex - I would like to put you forward (if you were keen) to have a permanent section each week where you attach your links !!!

I have NIL idea about PC, or the level of work from Dan to do this - but I'll have a chat with him if your keen !!!


Not sure I'm ready for any commitment, but could perhaps help a bit. What about having a place where multiple people (maybe even anyone) can post updated news? Possibilities include a news link on the main menu, or a news thread in the forum held at the top under important threads?

A possibility is to just highlight the relevant google pages, like below:

and some older ones:,5936,18906596%25255E12428,00.html

These links (hopefully) take you to listings of 29 and 37 recent Manly articles respectively, with a short text on each and links to the full articles. May need to supplement these lists as it looks like Google doesn't pick up the Manly Daily. If this works OK and is acceptable, it might be a simple task for anyone to update this news periodically.


Played around with it a bit.

Here's a single link that will always be up-to-date with all Manly NRL news captured by Google, with short text descriptions and links to the articles.

I've put it in quotes in this address below & split into 2 lines so you can see it and it doesn't convert to a link:


There is no maintenance needed for this link. Google News automatically links similar articles together (which is handy) and by default hides identical articles run in different newspapers (also handy)

If you set it up so that it opens in a new window/tab then you won't be diverting people from your site.

The only problem I see so far is that Google News doesn't pick up Manly Daily, MSE, etc. I'm surprised it doesn't pick up Manly Daily. So these need to be separately managed.

Also, for real Sea-Eagle junkies, if you want any new Manly NRL articles in google sent to your email, you can do this as-it-happens, once-a-day, or once-a-week through Google Alerts. A link and basic instructions on how to set this up might be a nice touch.

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