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Proposed game v PNG


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Oct 25, 2004
Just wondering what peoples thought's were on the proposed game involving a team of players not involved in the finals against a PNG outfit.
In my opinion I don't see a problem with it and I think we need to continue to play these sort of games against PNG.
If anyone saw the segment on the Footy Show a couple of months back on league in PNG, they would know how passionate these people are about the game of rugby league and it is the NRLs duty to promote it there.
Sometimes I think some of the clubs (eg. the Roosters) think they are bigger than the game itself.
Just listen to Stuarts comments about it- I think he is just bitter about under performing this season and being one of those clubs to dip out of finals contention.
As far as his Fitzy arguement (as in him needing surgery) simple- don't pick him!
While I'm not a huge fan of the game- look at how well the AFL is going due to the fact that they are promoting the game wide and far- that is what we need to do to compete with them. There is nothing wrong with following another codes lead especially when they are starting to get alot of runs on the board.
While I don't think this should be called the 'Australian' team (nor do I think it will) playing an invitational team against PNG would be a good move in my eyes.
We have a PNG prop playing out here in the country- Michael Mondo a very hard player but you should hear how much it means to him and his countrymen playing against Australia.
I asked him whether it would make any difference playing against an invitational mob and not the first choice Australian team and he said no way- they are all still heroes of his and the PNG people, who would be just happy to be playing!


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Nov 12, 2004
its definatly a good thing

last years game with the junior kangas and some seniors was great as well, but was a bit of a drumming.

Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
Better than the old Endeavour Cup which used to be played amonst teams that didn't make the semis in the early 70s!!!

They need the profile to build the game and help unearth the Marcus Bais etc of the nation.

The Wheel

Premium Member
Jul 15, 2004
Good idea IMO, they need a hit out before the real stuff starts. A rep lot of players may not be involved in finals footy this year due to Roosters/Dogs etc possibly missing out.

Plus add the value of the game to the promotional value & good will we would recieve it should go ahead.

Injuries occur in footy, its part of playing the game but I reckon if you ask most players they would prefer to play rather than train.


It would be a good idea to play in PNG. Who knows they might even unearth the next dari kovai (famous ex-North sydney player), Bal Nabumpta (I think he played for the bulldogs) or Adrian lam (you can never have too many sex tapes floating around).

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