Prince to the Gold Coast

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Canteen Worker

First Grader
Daily Terror today reports the following:

Done deal


March 01, 2006

TEST halfback Scott Prince will quit premiership-winning Wests Tigers and join the Gold Coast Titans.

The Daily Telegraph has learned Prince will reveal within a week that he has signed a three or four-year deal with the new NRL club.

The news will come as a major blow to the Tigers before they even begin their premiership defence.

Wests Tigers and Gold Coast officials were last night claiming Prince had still not reached a decision.

But well-placed sources in rugby league say Prince has decided to leave the Wests Tigers primarily because his family wants to live in Queensland.

Both Scott and wife Kristy were born in Queensland. He will play out this season with the Tigers before returning north of the border.

Wests Tigers were last night still clinging to hope. "We have heard the rumour and maybe I am being naive but I've got a gut feeling he will stay," said chief executive Steve Noyce.

Prince's manager Steve Robinson said pointedly: "It's a difficult decision to make and it's about a whole lot more than just dollars and cents."


Journey Man
Whatever. I am so sick of this type of crap. Matt Orford saga went WAY TOO LONG. So I see this, and say sucked in Tigers, and Gold Coast...Enjoy the angst.

I wonder when the

and the worst Lyon

crap will start destabilising our club THIS season...

anyone know who else is off contract. I know Choc is off contract end 2007...if Manly are serious about retaining him...sign him on an extension THIS year.


First Grader
This year is a top chance for Manly to take on this competition, with so many other clubs in disarray.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
"But well-placed sources in rugby league say"

Now thats funny

"We have heard the rumour and maybe I am being naive but I've got a gut feeling he will stay,"

Thats also pretty funny


Winging it
This has already started as the wierdest season ever. Who would have imagined the number of coaches playing musical chairs with a 12 month window? Just way too strange. The Titans were always going to put pressure on the entire League this season. Their problem is grabbing 5 high profile players and then convincing the rest that they should all play for peanuts because they are in Queensland. Good luck to them and they will need it.


Reserve Grader
what are we expecting to be said about Alberts? I'm not certain he has a 1st grade spot yet, but if he earns one, i look forward to seeing his good form.


Pfft Who cares... i am a fan of scotty prince but the gold coast's halves combo was shot in the arse when they signed preston..

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