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For the first time for many years I joined a bunch of AE boys and watched the full Flegg and Premier League matches. Both were interesting games and well worth the early trip to see.

The Flegg team started like wet cabbages and were 16 - 0 down, with tissue thin defence and three tries in the first 20 mins. Matabele said that he hoped this wasn't an omen for the first grade game (It was: Big Penrith lead and Sea Eagle comeback to come!!!)

A couple of late tries to Manly got them to 20-10 at half time but we looked the second best team on the park and were lucky to be there. The Big League has no lower grade programmes so I don't know the names of players but one forward, one centre and the fullback all tried hard. Wheel commented that quite a few players were very young and had just made the step up from the very good SG Ball team that went close to winning that competition.

The game turned on its head in the second half (running to our end) and Manly were suddenly strong in defence, making lots of metres and looking very dangerous. Some clever tries had the boys in front with a few to go and following some smart play they got up. The number 1, playing in the centre in the 2nd half, is very quick, Number 4 is a good ball player and several of the forwards got over the advantage line well. A well taken field goal was the icing on the cake as the boys closed the game out.

A miracle comeback and a good win.

Our Premier League team started the same way the Panther's Flegg team did (running to the AE end agains) and several 60m tries resulted, all of them involving Ashley Alberts, who must be knocking on the door of Paul Stephenson for a first grade spot. Travis Burns was highly involved and Jye Mullane was creative in the middle of the park, giving lots of good ball to the outisde men. The Manly metres game was very solid as well: Mark Bryant, Jim Curtis and Glenn Stewart all very prominent. Manly went into lemons with a dominant lead of about 26 - 0.

I couldn't believe this was the same side that looked so ordinary against Parra last week.

The second half was more than a slog - Alberts did not return - but there was no comeback this time and the Sea Eagles went on to post a good win - about 38 -10. Features of the game were slashing long range tries from a flashy backline, tremendous defence from Glenn Stewart, a Mullane moment (as even described by a club official when Jye passed to the invisible man, standing behind the touchie in the stand), good work from Mark Lennon at fullback, a flashy series of stepping where Travis Burns stepped around the same two players two or three times and then scored under the posts, some good solid work from the forwards and some excellent assists and kicking from Jye Mullane. At the club Glenn Stewart received 3 points, Travis Burns 2 and Matt Ballin (playing loose forward rather than hooker) got one with one other player whose name escapes me!

A good win for PL and they are up in the top four and looking a chance in this competition. There is good depth in most positions and Manly are in a much better position to cover injuries/suspensions than we have been in the past.

Well worth the early visit.

I have missed a lot and so others should feel free to add perceptions etc.


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OMG your content today has been sensational CW.

I really hope Alberts gets a run soon in NRL...he was on fire. It looks so easy for him too.


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Good report although Big League does have a program for Flegg along with PL. Forget your glasses CW? :)

If the centre was wearing No 4 it was Sean Meaney and the No 8 looked pretty impressive. As always from what I have seen of him.

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Good report although Big League does have a program for Flegg along with PL. Forget your glasses CW? :)

If the centre was wearing No 4 it was Sean Meaney and the No 8 looked pretty impressive. As always from what I have seen of him.
I got there so early there was no big league seller at the gate and I didn't go down to get one later. I just looked through last weeks one and there it is.

BTW I need to get glasses! Danny, this print is very small - I have to sit further back from the puter! :roll:


how did Suli Koroibulileka play? Hes a fijian fella off the bench (in the front row) for the jersey flegg. He told me he scored a try.

Hes a mate of mine and he told me he signed for Manly a few weeks ago by Crusher and i didnt believe him then i saw his name... wanted to watch him but i got there for the start of PL. Anyone know how he went?

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Kaza, he was good and helped us get going in the second half. Looked very mobile and broke the line several times. Reminded me of a young Solo!!! Has some potential. Can't remember any big hits or misses tho!


ahhh good stuff! hes a great player. I remember he king hit tackle (legal shoulder charge lol )on me once playing at a local park. It took me a few days to get up lol

Hes a great ball player to.. i thought hed be a great lock forward.

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