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Preliminary Finals ticketing pricing - NRL v’s AFL

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Eagles 78, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Eagles 78

    Eagles 78 Member

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    I know we can debate about the NRL Semi Final ticketing pricing, but the AFL Preliminary Final ticketing prices are very high comparing to the NRL.

    These are the AFL pricing for Swans v’s Collingwood. They are even a little more expensive for the Hawthorne v’s Adelaide at the MCG ! (e.g. Adult Bronze is $80 not $70 and no Family tickets at the MCG).

    Platinum (really like Cat 1 tickets at ANZ Stadium)
    Adult $160.00
    Junior $40.50
    Concession $110.00

    Gold (don’t really look that great tickets for for what you are paying)
    Adult $130.00
    Junior $34.00
    Concession $92.50
    Family $269.00

    Adult $99.50
    Junior $31.00
    Concession $67.00
    Family $208.00

    Adult $70.00
    Junior $26.00
    Concession $47.00
    Family $149.00
    NRL Preliminary Final Pricing is:

    1 | $80.00 | $72.00 | $65.00 | $240.00
    2 | $60.00 | $55.00 | $50.00 | $180.00
    3 | $35.00 | $30.00 | $25.00 | $100.00
  2. tugga8

    tugga8 Member

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    It is all about supply and demand. The AFL can demand that price because people are prepared to go at that price.
    The NRL are complaining about crowd numbers> maybe cheaper tickets might entice the "league" supporters who's teams are already knocked out.
  3. Supernintendo Chalmers

    Supernintendo Chalmers Well-Known Member

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    once you take out all the members purchased tickets for AFL, there isn't a huge amount left to sell to the public. So as tugga8 said. Demand is there.
    As much demand isn't there in the NRL. $240 to put your family in great seats for 2 hours is asking a bit much in my mind. Grand final, understandable as there is much more to it. But regular finals, unless you get lucky and have two big fanbases from the local area together, are always going to struggle to fill these concrete jungles.

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