Pre season training

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When does pre-season training start? I'm already bored by Manly's off-season. I want to know the lads are running sandhills, chasing 2006 glory!

They started early November last year from memory?
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I believe it will be November again this year Mata.I read that Orford and Bell were looking foward to starting training with the team in November.
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I actually didn't pay too much attention - but did either Orford or Bell make the training squad for the Roo tour? I suspect not.

It'd be good for them to have a full off-season with us to settle in, rather than freeze their butts of warming the bench in England, shake hands with all the players before the first trial and start with the club that way.

Not that it hurt Kennedy this year I guess.
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Quite a long year of training isn't it. Some of these chaps put there bodies on the line for an ordinary salary while others swan around like millionairs.

Thats life I guess.
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Let's hope they have a big Oktoberfest and come back with their heads screwed on to play football then.
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Only Matt King got in from the Storm. Full list is below.

The following players have been added to the train-on squad after the preliminary finals.

Dragons - Jason Ryles, Luke Bailey, Mark Gasnier, Matt Cooper, Trent Barrett, Ben Creagh

Eels - Nathan Hindmarsh, Timana Tahu

Players already selected:

Storm - Matt King

Broncos - Darren Lockyer, Petero Civoniceva, Brent Tate, Justin Hodges

Roosters - Craig Fitzgibbon, Anthony Minichiello, Craig Wing

Bulldogs - Willie Mason, Mark O'Meley, Andrew Ryan

Warriors - Steve Price

Panthers - Joel Clinton, Craig Gower, Luke Lewis, Luke Rooney, Trent Waterhouse

Knights - Danny Buderus, Andrew Johns, Steve Simpson

Manly - Ben Kennedy
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Craig Wing was struggling to hold his 1st grad spot this season.

Hardly a rep player in his current form?
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Eels fan at the newsagent this morning was spitting chips because the doctors had cleared Hindmarsh to play last weekend but Smith over ruled them as he didn't want to risk him for the GF.
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No - I think it's a matter that people who live around Parramatta can be realists. Remember the year they came 6th. The crowd were petitioning to have him Smith removed.

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