PRANK - Manly signs Matt Orford (not)

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Manly Sea Eagles Sign Matt Orford
By Des Toovey

The Manly Sea Eagles have today announced the signing of Matt Orford to a three-year contract.

Orford , 27, is an international class halfback who has been on the verge of selection for Australia and New South Wales since 2002. Orford has played three City/Country Origin matches for the bushies and has been a seasoned first grader, playing 110 First Grade games with the Storm since 2001 , scoring 48 tries and kicking 309 goals.

“Matt is a very talented footballer and is a group leader which is the type of player we want to attract to Manly,� Manly coach Des Hasler said today.

“He is a quality human being and will be taking a leadership role both on and off the field for the Sea Eagles Club over the next three seasons.

“He is a young man with a wealth of experience and a bright future in front of him and we are delighted he will be playing for the silvertails for the next three years.�

Despite the move to Sydney Orford is philosophical about his future rep career. "I guess I don't sleep with the right people to get selected" Orford said. " I mean look how Noddy's career took off after teaming up with Chris Anderson. Freddie and Gus , Fitzgibbon and Stuart , Gordie and Wayno , the list goes on. I have no plans on bending to be Beckham so to speak."

Orford is playing for match payments only , however the Delmege Group is building Orford his own 28 unit apartment complex on The Corso at Manly Beach. Named the Orford Towers , Matt's only other current neighbour at this stage appears to be Steven Bell , whom Manly also look like signing in the near future. Bell's name is on the deeds to 6 of the units.

Orford will be given a three month crash course on being a whinger over the off season in a bid to fit the traditional Manly halfback role. "I have allot to live up to in the whinging stakes , some great whingers of the game in Toovey , Hasler and Monoghan have all worn the number 7 at Manly." Orford said. "If I can turn out to be half the nagging bitch that Toovs was I will have settled in well."


Funny- very much like the one posted on the Roosters site re. Anasta and him taking ownership of several pokies and a fleet of cars at the Roosters.
You must have a bit of spare time on your hands IloveMattO!


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Could have sworn Geoff Hasler said yesterday evening that there was no room for orford under the cap here.
Funny- very much like the one posted on the Roosters site re. Anasta and him taking ownership of several pokies and a fleet of cars at the Roosters.
You must have a bit of spare time on your hands IloveMattO!

Same author mate.


Just out of curiousity (seing as you are anon. anyway) which club do you support IloveMattO?


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Clever stuff. We needed a good laugh. Kane and Matai tried there best to impersanate NRL players last Friday night, but this is funnier :)


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Look at IloveMattO... he is a new member with only 2 posts. There is no way i will beleive him just yet. I have looked at the NRL website and a few other ones, and none have showed mentioned orford signing with manly... This guy is a joke.
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