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Journey Man
Good to see the judge get 15 months for exploiting children. Too bad it's protective custody. I'd love to see a rock spider judge be put in with the general prison populace. It'd make him think thrice about looking at little boys ever getting rodgered again. Too many painful memories.


Journey Man
A judge caught hiding 29,000 photos of kiddie porn on his computer. 59 of 'Sydney society" signed a character reference for him to try and get him off. :roll:


Winging it
He should have got 3 years as the stuff he had was at the foulest end of the spectrum.

Former NSW Government minister Milton Orkopoulos deserves a huge sentence as he was actually involved in the destruction of the lives of youngsters.


Winging it
Please don't think i am defending him in any way, but of 29,000 he had 433 images of child pornography and 31 child pornography videos. The rest i believe were homosexual images.


He is out on bail already.

The legal system looking after one of their own. No-one else would have been given 2 days warning that his laptop was going to be raided.

One can only imagine that the hard disc that is ,missing contained the worst of the videos.

Power out on bail - DPP faces questions
Power jailed for 15 months

THE disgraced former crown prosecutor Patrick Power walked free on bail yesterday as the NSW Government called on Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery to account for his actions after child pornography was discovered on Power's personal computer.

Power, 54, was sentenced to a minimum eight months' jail after 433 images of child pornography and 31 child pornography videos - some depicting sex acts involving children aged under 10 - were uncovered last year.

But he was released on bail two hours after his sentencing at Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court.

The NSW Attorney-General John Hatzistergos said he had asked Mr Cowdery for a full account of "his actions, and the actions of his office, regarding the case of Patrick Power".

Mr Hatzistergos said he was considering the judgement of NSW Chief Magistrate Graeme Henson.

"I have today sought a full account of the DPP's actions, and the actions of his office regarding the case of Patrick Power," he said.

Mr Hatzistergos said the position of Liberal MP Greg Smith, who was the deputy DPP until November 2006, was a matter for Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell.

Mr Smith, the Opposition's legal affairs spokesman, came under fire from the Government last year.

On July 4, Mr Smith alerted Power that child pornography had been found on his computer before he informed police.

Power had taken his computer to work at the DPP's office to have repairs carried out.

Power stood down from his

position as a deputy senior crown prosecutor and on July 6 was charged with one count of possessing child pornography.

He pleaded guilty to the charge in January and resigned two weeks later.

At yesterday's sentencing, Mr Henson said few people were better placed than Power to realise the gravity of his actions.

A packed court heard that for years while working as one of the state's top prosecutors, Power was secretly amassing pornographic pictures and videos, some involving boys under 10 years old.

Investigators uncovered almost 29,000 images on his computer hard drive.

Most featured homosexual pornography but 433 images depicted children in sexual acts.

Technicians also found 31 videos showing adults engaged in sex acts with children in a folder entitled "Good".

Mr Henson said the images were "distressing and disheartening", while one "wicked and evil" 23-minute video - showing the infliction of pain on a child - fell into the worst category of child porn.

Power sat with his head bowed throughout the sentencing.

Former Supreme Court judge Roderick Meagher, crown prosecutors and senior defence barristers were among the 59 people who provided references to the court, attesting to his good character.

According to psychiatric evidence Power was not a paedophile, but was driven to download child porn by his internet addiction.

Power, whose practising certificate has been suspended by the NSW Bar Association, also had a long history of depression.

Mr Henson said Power "nonetheless well knew what he was doing and that it was manifestly unlawful".

He tried to disguise the child porn under names such as "Thesis backup" in order "to prevent the possibility of their being found by someone who might take issue with their nature and legality".

The court previously heard that a second hard drive - believed to contain more child porn - was missing and that Power had two days to hide or destroy it before his Darlinghurst home was searched.

However, Mr Henson did not consider it an aggravating factor.

Following a late defence application, Mr Henson granted Power conditional bail to prepare for an appeal hearing on June 14. Yesterday's sentence was slammed by child protection advocate Hetty Johnston who called for legal change.

"When is the court and the law going to take into account what is happening to the children?" she said outside court.

"The maximum sentences for these kinds of crimes are absolutely appalling - they do not recognise the severity of it."


UFO Hunter
Even if you delete stuff off your hard drive there are ways of getting the info back. With ghost programs i think they're called.

The only sure fire way to protect yourself would be to sink it in the middle of the pacific or burn it or something.

Still, glad he is caught. Poor little buggers who get put through that crap.


Journey Man
Yeah, you only delete the "title" and link to said title from the contents pretty much, however if you save something over it then it is lost but generally you dont have control over that.


First Grader
One of my colleagues/mates went through something pretty awful recently. She got a call from the cops saying they needed to speak to her.

Long story short, her 7yo daughters friend's mother, found pictures on her husbands phone of her daughter and my mates daughter in their underwear and stuff. Nothing really bad (and by that i mean nothing sexual) but still pretty disturbing.

Anyway this bloke has been charged and is in the lockup at the moment.

If it were my kids, I would have no hesitation in harming the prick.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
The bottom line is that this guy has shown no remorse and has used prominent people to reduce his sentence.

Surely as he is a crown prosecutor and knows the impact of 'rubbish' such as this he should do more time rather than less.

His Deputy who told him, the newly elected Liberal Member for Epping should also be locked up for alerting him rather than obeying the law. (My local member and a hypocrite of the worst type!)
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