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Ricky Ponting has been talking to Boonie trying to get Brett Lee picked in the 11 for the test against the pakis starting today. He was talking to him last night and will have another go tomorrow. The wicket is suppost to be extremely hard, fast and bouncy which will suit Lee. It is unknown whether he is asking for Kaspa to be dropped or play 4 quicks, but it seems that either will do as long as he gets Lee.

from my point of view i would play 4 quicks. I would have Lee in the side before Kapsa at the WACA when playing aktar. This was if Aktar fires then Lee can cover him, without lee we leave ourselves exposed to fast fast bowling. Unfortunatly i dont think McGrath and Gillespie can get the same thing out of the pitch as Aktar and Lee.
Please tell me you are going to give this one up when Aus plays an unchanged side today in Perth.

Repeat after me. Brett Lee will not play :lol:
I posted this to inform people.

I dont think he will play, i think he should and kaspa at the WACA.

Back over here in the test team i would keep kaspa.
I would play Brett! Kaspar is good on flat tracks as he moves the ball off the track. The harder track at the Waca is not so conducive to his style of bowling. Horses for courses I say!
My point exactly CW. He is more valuable at the WACA but Kaspa for Sydney and Melbounre first on current form.

They were talking about dropping Lehman, not clarke on the radio so if it goes that way i hope its as they say.
Yes we know you boys all have pictures of Brett and Bevo on your walls,

Members numbered 1, 2, and 3 of the Bing Lee fan club.

Keep dreamin boys 8)

(im going to be eating humble pie if he plays :oops: )
Well the only way you get a told ya so is if he plays and doesnt take any wickets.

not likely though.

we will know soon if he plays.

Nothing wrong with supporting good aussie players.

So who is up on your wall
At least you have a sense of humour Fluff.

Ive only got 2 cricket prints up on my wall, one of Warney and his 300th wicket, and one of the Australian team when they wore those Black caps in Perth for a limited edition anniversary thing.

but they are framed prints , not posters :D
I dont have any cricket but have a framed pink floyd dark side of the moon picture disk, my degree and a photo pf my graduation, all framed and a sydney olympics banner from a street pole as a momento. Downstairs i have framed original 1940's steam engine poster advertising the Mallard.

just tell me you like warny for his spin bowling, not his other abilities.
His 300th was a while ago, thats why I havent got 400th or 500th.

he is one of the best players ever, on the field. Off it hes an absolute disgrace.
He is a very good player.

not having a go at warne but its a real shame that macgill was around at the same time. Macgill actually has better test figures funnily enough. Macgill was an idiot and burnt bridges when he was dropped.

and fro you will be relieved to know there has been no changes to the side and yet again lee gets burnt and cant play for NSW.

It would be better for him to just not make himself available for australia unitl there is an injury
Yeah MacGill was born in the wrong era, thats for sure. unfortunately Warne is a better Bowler because Stu is a better role Model.

Yeah Noticed the side just now.

Persoanlly I think its ridiculous Lee cant play for NSW, match practice is the key to any elite sportsman performing at his peak
Make sure you watch out for Rhett Lockyear playing for Tasmania against NSW. I was good mates with his brother and have played backyard cricket against him. I'm hoping NSW win outright, but am hoping Rhett gets a few. As i just have a look at the scorecard, the third wicket has just fallen, and he should be in now.
I used to coach our (Bathurst) junior rep side and we played against Rhett Lockyear in Mudgee a few time, carved us every time, good Wicketkeeper too
Could be a good time to be a wicky who can bat. Gilly is on the wrong side of 30 so in a few years it will be time for changes to start there.

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