[poll] Willie Mason?

Could Willie Mason be the player to continue on the front man role of Ben Kennedy when the master de

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UFO Hunter
Ok, so this is up for debate, but i'm sure that most of us would be of the beliefe that come the end of Ben Kennedy's contract with the Sea Eagles (1 more year, possibly 2) he will be looking to hang up his footballing boots and finish his career.

So, not too leave it too late, it's of my opinion that we start the eager search for manly's new forward pack tough man ASAP to prevent cutting ourselves too short and shuffle the side around too much when BK finally calls it quits.

Considerng that Willie Mason is off contract at the Bulldogs and has appeared to have some-what cleaned up the big mess that was 'his life' for much of last year, would he be the player we are all looking for to continue the "Tough Nut Forward" status we are working so hard to achieve this season?
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As good as footballer as he is on his day - too much trouble. We have had enough of bad influenece like Walker, Hoppa & co over recent years.
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If he can back to last years form I would love to sign him but I have my doubts over his form into the future. He has a serious knee injury which are hard enough to recover from at the best of times, but when you consider the weight that he carries and the style of play he had, ie: very mobile I have my dates if Mason will ever be back to the sort of form he showed in 2004
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If we sign Mason we will all still be bitching about Steppa and Mattai in the centres next year

IMO we sign 1 top class centre this year (King or Bell) and then next year If BK and Menzies retire we sign a top class backrower and Jamie Lyon
i have no dramas with big willie lining up for the eagles, but i agree with Disco, if we are going to chuck some serious cash at someone starting next year it would be better spent on centres, the year after we can then chase Lyon and some forwards.
Journey Man
good luck with your date M4E lol

id say it depends on the price. There are others doing well that may be worth looking at - Stagg, Southern etc who are a bit cheaper. This would allow more money for our centres
I'll tip Kennedy to go around for one more year next year. Willie will be picked up on a 2-3 year deal after 30 June. The timings all wrong & having gotten rid of one problem child we don't need another.

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