[poll] The run home-How many wins?

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The run home-How many wins from 4 games?

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First Grader
There are 4 rounds remaining. How many game would you expect Manly to win?

Considering we are in some current solid form by beating the Broncs last week and a reasonable performance against the Cowboys.

Rd 23 v Knights (Away)
Rd 24 v Sharks (Away)
Rd 25 v Warriors (Home-night game)
Rd 26 v Canberra (Away)

Has Manly got momentum to win all games?


First Grader
I think we are capable of winning all games, but because of the teams inconsistent form i've chosen 2 from 4.

I dont see any certainties. But we are capable of winning any of them.
May hinge on this weekend if we can beat the Knights away then the momentum gained could see us win the other 3. If we lose could come down to the last 2 being desperation games. By then the Worriers (for sure) & Raiders may have nothing to play for.


Journey Man
A superior poll mind you byso. There is always the chance we'll not win another game you know.
May hinge on this weekend if we can beat the Knights away then the momentum gained could see us win the other 3. If we lose could come down to the last 2 being desperation games. By then the Worriers (for sure) & Raiders may have nothing to play for.

He thought he was indecisive but now he's not so sure

Did sound a bit wishy washy even for me, of course we will win all 4

The Wheel

Premium Member
2 from 4 will do me - 30 points will be a great finish. I think we will beat the Warriors but the 3 away games are hard and we don't have great records at Canberra and Cronulla in particular. We will probably drop one of those games.

3 out of 4 would be great but I am not holding my breath - unless Joey doesn't play on the weekend of course


First Grader
I am confident we will win all 4. Best side back on the paddock, we are better than those sides and should beat them all.
1 out of 4 for mine.hoodoos like cronulla(20 years?) and canberra exist for a reason.johns and buderus will kill us at home.i am also worried about warriors.they are so dangerous when they have nothing to play for.last game for stacey as well.any team who beats brisbane twice is capable of anything.wouldnt be surprised if we lost all 4.gutsy against brisbane and i loved it but we still have nothing in attack.


Journey Man
I honestly cannot see after the past two weeks improvements, why we should not be able to win all 4 final matches. Imagine the momentum we would have.

Then, if we have The Tigers, The Storm (without Orford), or The Sharks, I actually think we can make it through to a major.


gee sue youre a pessimist at best..what happened to all that TOP 4 spruking you were doing sunday after the win. I think you even mentioned premiership material during one schooner??


Journey Man
It is the emotional roller coaster we go on throughout a season. Lots n lots of ebbs n troffs.


Watmough back this week has to lift the lads. I think we can definately get up this week. The Warriors at Brookie obvious possibility.

The Sharks game at Toyota is part of the 70's week celebrations, so in the fair dinkum department only a win is possible in that match.


Journey Man
im tipping 3 but i think all are 50/50 games.

The sharks are up and down - dont worry about the vodoo, if they turn up like the first encounter we will trot it in. Canberra may well have nothing left by then, and there could be a lot of manly fans travelling if its that close to make it.
any manly fan that goes to that flem whole is deluded.i have been there 3 times to see us get flogged while ducking ugg booted surfies in the carpark.forget that game-it is a loss.simple as that.r

ocky boy is confident though.he suggested(while pulling a lampshade out of his nitting needle ass)that with watmough back we have saints and brisbane covered easily and should win the comp.


Journey Man
What a miss match you 2 make then. lol

I dont think watmough can get us the title, but i hope rocky boy is right

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