[poll] Reasons for manly’s demise.

Reasons for manly’s demise.

  • Coach - Dessie is becoming ineffectual with the players. He’s no good for Manly anymore.

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  • Players- The players don’t have passion for the club.

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  • Players - The players aren’t good enough.

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  • Management - The players don’t feel the passion because of management’s treatment of c

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  • Captain - Monas fault; he’s a poor skipper on the field.

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  • Players - Senior players aren’t motivating the players as much anymore.

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  • Players – The forwards are ineffectual, making it tough for the halves to create anything.

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  • Players – The Halves are ineffectual, cannot organise or set hardly any scoring opportunities

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  • Other reasons please state in thread

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First Grader
We all know that the team isn’t going well, 1 from 9 is shocking. 68-6 to sharks is a disgrace.

Why is this so?


First Grader
Players- The players don’t have passion for the club.

Seems the most popular so far. Why wouldn't they be passionate about playing for Manly?

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Combination of the lot plus injuries, lack of depth and also mental tiredness. Kennedy and Beaver can only carry us so far.

I think the lack of a an effective front row rotation is affecting us, the lack of a five-eighth and poor composure under pressure. Our lack of form away from Brookie and performances at night haven't helped!


First Grader
Good points CW.

This poll is now up on the front page, with multiple choices. As its more than just 1 problem imo!
I'd go along with all but the 1st option, I just don't see how we can lay too much blame with Des (other than for his loyalty for his top 20 players & his reluctance to bring Hecks back sooner) In all honesty if you compare our playing roster with almost all of the other teams He has done pretty will with what has been at his disposal. If we perform to this level with a roster similar to the Roosters, Panthers, Bulldogs and dare I say Sharks then by all means attack the coach but I think he deserves to be judged on next year's performance.

Ok fire away


First Grader
Fair enough, but the players could tackle earlier in the year. How could they fall so quickly?

No motivation?
Perhaps this flu bug & injuries were the cause
They tackled ok (except for the Williams try) against the Cowboys
They tackled ok in the Bronco's game
They tackled ok against the Knights but were let down by the worst kicking game of the year
So since the bye when we have been back at almost full strength most have performed to their ability if you (please can we) take out last weeks effort


UFO Hunter
I have quite a few reasons. Bare with me:

- We started early in the pre-season on a heavy fitness regeme by des. I believe we were match fit before every other side.

- As a fairly young side, I believe that the unbelievable start to the season started to have an impact on egos. Watmough, BK, Menzies in Origin to name a few.

- Injuries. Watmough was a massive factor in our wins. His injury came at a very bad time for manly and the lenght was a concern.

- King, is dying in the ass at the moment. We're getting nothing from him and you can't be competative with just 1 run-on prop, who happenes to be from PL.

- Monasgate, Im not going to stir up another monaghan issue, but just go back to when the problems began and tell me how many matches we've won since.

- Form slump. All these things have attributed to the slump and as any footballer will say, getting out of the rut is a big task, especially approaching finals time. We are continuing to play badly because of the severe change of the media spot light. From world beaters, to blokes who shouldnt' be getting paid.


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i think Manly were overachieving (2nd spot) early in the year with a very good forward pack, fair backs with limited 1st grade experience and very little depth. It all went pair shaped when this depth was called upon from SOO 1, and they have never really recovered. Very rarely has the top team been on the park since then. The 5/8 situation is a mess...umm...that's about it.

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