[poll] Monas v Joe Williams at half back!

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Monas v Joe Williams at half back!

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If both players played with the same Manly team. Which player would you have at starting Half back.
let it go byso!

your like a dog with a bone

woof woof
THe problem is byso, with the money our club has now, the questions should be Monas or Orford. Monas or Gower, Monas or Sherwin. We are not targeting a lower player. Sure those guys arnt of contract but name any one of them in the same poll and I can tell who would win.
the problem is, is that this is a loaded question taken outof context from what was said!

Dan you have no logic, you don't think others here are like a dog with a bone?

Flip.I've done the Monas v Orford one last week and Monas won that one as well.

A statement was made that Monas is the worst half back and that Joe was better. I'm simply finding out what others think.

In regards to dog with a bone Dan, I recall you doing something very similar regarding another issue. It's all healthy debate. It may not suit some but.........Stiff shiite

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Byso, dont talk to me of logic. What i am saying is that you are pursuing it in every possible place. Polls, posts in different forums, posts in the middle of other posts, chatbox. That is over the top. Make your point in one place
Fair call.

I suppose I got annoyed with some attitudes to try to win an argument. But, some could say the same about me!
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Woof! :d

I dont really mind, i just havent had my morning apple and coffeee!
I admit that Williams has a bit of flare to some aspects of his attacking game, HOWEVER, this in no way even comes close to compensating for his lack of defence, leadership, grit, determination and pride.

You may want Williams to set up that amazing try every so often but who is going to be back there and defending his heart out and collecting banana kicks etc? It certainly wont be Joe Williams. And who will fire the boys up and not take a step backwards? Not bloody Joe Williams.

Ill also admit that Monas isnt the best h/b in the comp, but to stay in line with this topic headline, he sh!ts on Williams.

p.s. my vote went to Monaghan :p
waste of time these polls comparing players unless the recipients are non manly supporters.if you put monaghan v sherwin,finch,gower,seymour,johns,thurston,prince,kimmorley ets he wouldnt get a single vote in non eagle territory.

this is not to criticise the manly boys who like him.even though i disagree there is no shame in backing your man.it would be the same at all other clubs.

the simple fact is in neutral camps he doesnt register on the radar versus the top guys and all our good natured banter wont change that.

all this hand wringing is also a waste.there is no conspiracy.manly have made a decision and placed a value on his services which is lower than what michael regards is his worth.happens all the time but management is about making those decisions.michael will iether agree to it or move on.

one of the reasons we didnt get tahu last year is because management made a decision on his worth and did not exceed that value,thus allowing the eels to pay silly money.and they were righti.i trust that des,crusher,bozo etc have the ability to make a judgement on a player's value far better than we can.we all talked early in the season about des,crusher and co having the ability to take us forward.what has changed.why stop trusting their judjement now because they are making a judgement call in their area of expertise and with day to day exposure to a player's talents.
Fair call mate, my point is that Monas. Would be an asset to many clubs. I agree he isn't in the man to steer us to a grand final in current form.

But he showed plenty of promise prior to 3 weeks ago imo and he will get back to his "try assists" best.

It's all about banter champ, something to crap on about. Some people get into it more than others :)
Byso, Monas would not be an ASSET at any club for the money he is reportedly asking. At that money he would be a LIABILITY.
Matabele. Do we really know what he is asking for?

Again your hanging crap on him due to hearsay evidence!

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