[poll] Monas or Orford.....who do you want at Manly?

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Monas or Orford, Who do YOU want at Manly?

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  • Orford

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he left because we offered him 150k and kimmorley 400k and storm offered more.he was a north shore player under taylor for his lower grade years and was very keen to stay.

"left us once already"- you are kidding.

monaghan came from canberra because we offered him more money than canberra who couldnt get rid of him quick enough.what is the difference.he set foot in the corso for the first time in his life last year so come off the manly forever ****.if easts gave him more he'd go there like all other pro footballers and so he should.

as for inspirational.i want to see him "inspire" us to win some tough games and not just whine at refs- and not next year-NOW!he will have 4 origin players and 2 city players in his pack this year.better than almost every side in the comp.we have won four ****ing games away since he arrived.gloves are off with this bloke.he better start against the reserve grade dogs this week or is that a bit too tough.


UFO Hunter
Polls shows that all of 15 people think he is the man. Your right byso, thats all the fact we need.

Honestly, resign him, he is good for the club, their is nothing overy wrong with him, he will make the best hooker at our club in a decade.

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