[poll] How much would YOU pay Tezza

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How much would YOU pay Tezza

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  • 161k- whatever he wants, just get him

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First Grader
Just what is Tezza worth


February 28, 2005

REJUVENATED centre Terry Hill has won the on-field battle to secure a contract in the NRL.

But a second – and possibly more high-pressured battle – will today be wagered off the field.

That being how much money will Hill receive this season from Manly?

Hill, 33, virtually ensured himself a return to the NRL after scoring three tries in a 16 minute period during Manly's 26-16 trial win over St George Illawarra at Albion Park on Saturday night.

Manly officials privately claim his contract value will be about $50,000.

Hill's manager Wayne Beavis will almost certainly fight for more.

The money wrangle will be the final hurdle in remarkable comeback for Hill, who missed all of last season with Souths due to injury.

Hill will today meet Manly coach Des Hasler to discuss the former Test centre's future.

"No doubt there will be an arm wrestle with his manager," said Manly executive director Paul Cummings.

"Any deal would be match payments.

"But it would be closer to the top end of the standard NRL (minimum payment) contract.

"We are keen to have Terry here but having said that we have three young centres here in Karl Johnson, Paul Stephenson and Ashley Alberts.

"We also have Chris Hicks.

"I'm sure Terry's manager will be asking for $100,000 to $150,000 but those aren't figures we will agree on.

"We have no set figure but it will be well short of $100,000."

Beavis said he had no pre-conceived asking price.

"I said from the start that we just wanted Terry to get through the trials first," Beavis said.

"I'd say the contract will be incentive-based but it's also got to be worthwhile for Terry to play.

"But Terry is a keen competitor and at the end of the day he could go around for less than what he might get in the market place.

"It's a matter of going down [to Manly] and seeing what they have to say.

"He will talk to Des about how he feels and the club will tell him how they feel.

"The other part [contract talks] should be easy."

Hill told reporters at fulltime on Saturday night that he was ready to return to big time rugby league.

"I'll have a couple of meetings with the club this week, but I'm just over the moon with tonight's performance," said Hill, who has shed 13kg in the off-season.

"I'll have a talk with Des [Hasler] on Monday and we'll go from there. So far, so good.

"But the main thing is that I got through the game injury-free and, at the moment, it's all about not breaking down."

St George Illawarra sustained their second successive pre-season loss but the club was playing without 12 regular first graders.

Centre Brett Kelly scored three tries for the Dragons.


Winging it
IMO the best way from the club's point of view is to offer a base contract of about 40k. Then an additional 3k an appearance and 5k a win.


First Grader
I went for the 50-90k mark.

Apparently last weeks papers said he'd play for 40k. But thats to low.

I think 3k per match would be good.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
yeah I reckon about 50K would be the way to go. His lowes contracts would probably help a bit too


Winging it
Are you talking about 50k for the whole season? Seems too low to me if he is delivering. It is wrong if he plays as well as the others on the 100 to 150k mark. A 40k base says we are serious. 3k an appearance means that he has to maintain form and not get suspended to get the dollars. 5k a win says he played a part in our success and is a motivator. I think if he can maintain form then Hill is an actual drawcard for crowds and we shouldn't be stingy. He still has to put in at training. It won't hurt his Lowes contract or other TV work to still be in football.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
you have to think about our money over all though.

I would look at about 50 - 100 but no where over. Remember even jye looked impressive in last years trials

The Wheel

Premium Member
I would pay him the minium NRL contract (Sign on) of $33000. After that I would pay him $500 a game, then a winning bonus of $3000. Therefore potentially he could get $70K to $90K if we have a good/great year. If not he would be on about $50K.


Journey Man
The base salary will have to match that of the NRL minimum.

I think given tezza plays all games hes should be given incentives to about 100K - he has to be worth more than Hoppa.

Keeping in mind we do not know what we have available under the salary cap.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I would be giving Tezza incentives - an extra 20K or so if he plays 10 first grade games and more again if he plays 20K.

Whatever it is should be incentive based with low sign up and more cash for the more he plays.

Form and injury then decides how much he gets.

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