[poll] Gower antics. Harmless fun or is he is a fool?

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Gower antics. Harmless fun or is he is a fool?

  • Harmless fun

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  • He is a fool

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First Grader
Swimming great Dawn Fraser late Thursday told the Nine Network that she consoled "Junior" Pearce's 17-year-old daughter at a dinner for the Jack Newton Celebrity Golf Classic at Peregian Waters.

She also claimed Gower threatened Pearce's son Mitchell with a bottle at the event where Fraser was also a special guest.

"She was entirely embarrassed and extremely upset about the whole situation.

"I just said `everything will be alright, mum and dad will look after you' and she took confidence out of that.

"Junior ... came and saw me the next morning and he was just absolutely furious.

"Gower chased him (Mitchell) with a bottle and people saw it and just thought `what on earth is happening?'."

The 27-year-old Kangaroos halfback is also accused of damaging a golf car, walking around naked at the Twin Waters resort, being kicked out of an official function and harassing the partner of a high-profile journalist.

The charity event coincided with Gower's week-long buck's celebrations.

He is set to marry long-time girlfriend and Footy Show regular Amanda "Lady Luck" Flynn in three weeks.

Leary is expected to speak to Pearce who is believed to be still on the Sunshine Coast while Panthers chief executive Glenn Matthews is believed to have spoken to Gower on Thursday.

"At the moment I have no comment until I finish the inquiry. I am hoping to do that as quickly as I can," Leary said.

He said the inquiry would take "at least several days to complete".

"Until our investigation is complete there is nothing more I can say," Leary said.

NRL chief executive David Gallop said he was waiting on a "full report" on the Panthers skipper.

"I expect a full investigation from the club and the club has assured us we will get one," Gallop said.

"Clearly there are some serious allegations and if they are proven to be correct then we'd expect the player's club to look seriously ... at some penalties."

Gower was thrown out of the Australian rugby league team for exposing himself to a tourist in 1999 and fined $3000 for breaking a NSW rugby league curfew last year.

But Leary reiterated that Gower was innocent until proven guilty over the recent claims.

"Unfortunately in previous years there have been a few misdemeanours that have occurred," he said.

"But at this stage Craig will be treated as innocent until any allegation is proved against him."

Rugby league great and Gold Classic guest Wally Lewis said he noticed that Gower "had had a drink" at the charity event but believed the halfback's actions may have been blown out of proportion.

"I saw nothing of the things they are talking about," he said.

"I saw him at the dinner and saw that he had had a drink, but so had everybody else.

"I heard the next day that he had crashed a golf cart, and when I asked about it, it was explained to me that he had clipped a rock.

"Of the other things, I was only told about them third or fourth hand - it has surprised and upset a lot of people hearing about it but no one knows if there is any truth in it."

Lewis hoped the allegations did not spell the end of the 27-year-old charity event which raises money for Diabetes Australia and the Jack Newton Golf Foundation.

"It would be a shame if it was ruined by exaggeration," he said.

Tournament host Jack Newton said he was "floored by inconsistencies in media reports" on Gower and labelled it a "witch hunt".

"My biggest disappointment is that the focus of the media attention has been wrongly deferred from the fact that this is a fantastic golf tournament that functions entirely for the benefit of charity," he said.

"It is very disconcerting that a tournament that has run for 27 years and has donated over $2 million to junior golf and Diabetes Australia can be completely overshadowed by a series of unsubstantiated allegations that are based on conjecture."


The Wheel

Premium Member
Yeah going all that way to Qld you thought he would have spent 2 weeks on the grog


Usually where there is smoke there is fire.

Dawn fraser would not come out with the story about juniors daughter if it wasn't true.

Even if all the allegations are proven to be correct the NRL will probably fine him $5,000 and hit him with a wet lettice leaf and tell him not to do it again. Gallop and the rest of them have no balls.

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
But then again Tooks, Wally Lewis and Jack Newton are quoted in the paper as saying that it is a load of bull****. A media hype up.

The Wheel

Premium Member
I notice Gower wasn't the only one - garry sweet was also blind crash tackling people in the bar. It must have been a great golf tournament


Sounds like some of the Xmas parties I have been to in the past.

Do Jack newton and Wally Lewis really know what happened though? With their past rack records on the drink they were probably with Gower so of course they would defend him.

It is likely that Gower was so pissed that he wouldn't remember what he did. he wouldn't be the first guy to be guilty of that.

They are only allegations at this stage but i think that it is safe to say that gower will not be on pearce's Xmas card list again.


Agree. They are no doubt worried that gowers publicity has taken away the focus on the tremendous amount of good and money that the tournament has raised over the years.

Whatever Gower has done he has no doubt acted like a dickhead and attarcted publicity that the NRL needs like a hole in the head.

Some footballers need to pull their heads in and act like the rest of society (except people from the shire and ME and MSE types of course).


First Grader
Craig Gower is a class 1 tool and always will be. I played against him when I was younger and he is an absolute ****wit. He has always thought the world of himself and always will. I have no doubt that what ever has been said about him is probably the truth.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
What I don't understand is the mentality that you would even be thought of as playing around with a seventeen year old when you are about to marry an absolute drop-dead gorgeous lass in the like of Amanda Flynn.

Doesn't give much comfort in the faithfulness stakes???? (Yes - I am old fashioned unlike one or two here that need to write about their escapades for all to read about ????? :lol:)


Premium Member
I can't comment on this. I wasn't there.

But then again Tooks, Wally Lewis and Jack Newton are quoted in the paper as saying that it is a load of bull****. A media hype up.

For the slower witted amongst us could you please explain. a) you were not there therefore do not have all the facts to make a comment or b) you were there and the media have tried to make a story out of something that may or may not hve occurred?


Premium Member
No, Newton was quite rightly trying to keep the credibility of his tournament which he has now run for many years, raising signifigant amounts for Diabetes research. The tournament is a valuable asset and Newton and Lewis (in my opinion) were only trying to put some distance between the alleged Gower incident and the good name of this tournament.

I do not expect The Fonz or you to agree though


Journey Man
I once played this course in Harare, Zimbabwe, and my caddy for the day had caddied for Jack Newton.

Couldn't speak highly enough of the man and also said he was an incredible golfer even though he only had the one arm (certainly better than I was that day!)

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