[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

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Does the "casual arrangement" work?

  • Yes

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  • No

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  • Maybe, but its risky

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[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

Guys I think you know what I'm asking, does it work? Your opinions please.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

Clon: is this a proposal?

We say 'yes' then you hit us up for somewhere to stay on the weekends? ;)
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

so why the sudden poll- Doug is this topical or something....
depends really on the situation and whether both sides are in sync with the 'arrangement' there will always be risks of either side wanting more watch out for that ...
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

No I just have a mate down here that is in casual relationship with an ex work mate. He reckons it can work but I am sceptical.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

fair enough....so its just the mate and an ex-workmate- no other twists to the story ? being Melbourne if there was a bit of distance between where they both live it could work perfect...
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

I dont think they work. They do for a while but inevitably unless there is like 0 attraction then one or the other will fall for the other.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

Yep there is a bit of difference in living. They probably hook up a couple of times a week. Although casual, it has been determined that neither of them will sleep with anyone else.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

depends how good the sex is? So this mate - there is nothing more to it than two people in a casual relationship...like no ex's or anything like that involved?
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

Yeah as I said my mate still works with the girls ex. He has suspicions that the guy shagged his ex mrs a few years ago though.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

stuff him then tell your mate to go for his life....and if your mate ever stopped working with the bloke I would advise rubbing it in the guys face as soon as that happens.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

The longer this thread goes on, the sooner i'm expecting........ Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

hahaha does the thread have anything to do with your avatar??

If so.. we'll need more than Jerry to sort this out... we'll need all the guru's Dr. Phil, Oprah, Steve Irwin 8|
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

My theory is that it works until one person falls in love: not with the other, but with someone outside of the relationship...

Then things get messy as you basically broke the promise of meaningless sex... unless the new partner is OK with you partaking in it still I guess.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

Spot on Narc. With no clear definition of the relationship, how do you judge when the relationship is over.

The whole thing sounds like a bit of a wank really. It is not really a casual relationship if they are not shagging on the side, it is effectively a normal relationship where they just don't see each other that often.
[poll] Casual "Arrangement"

it only works if you can juggle & keep a poker face at the same time ......its hard ,it can be done ,but at the end of the day ,you know some one is going to be whinging at u !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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