Poll: Can the Sea Eagles win the 2021 Premiership?

Can the Sea Eagles win the 2021 Premiership?

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Continue to make the simple errors then they can’t

This is the key, the last couple of weeks before the finals we were making the same simple mistakes but against bottom sides you can get away with it. Against the top sides, little mistakes are punished and once they have momemtum it is very hard to get back.

The fact that our handling errors and our slow starts to games haven't improved makes me think the premiership isn't coming our way. I think we can win this week but after that think we won't be able to match Souths or Storm/Panthers, not this yr anyway.
The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
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How we can win

We need to be more than just a one man Tom team to win

We need other players to step up and make an impact instead of being Toms passengers
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Heres the thing - "IF" Manly can win the next 2 games, the Storm loss will be long, long ago.
Another thing, "IF" we beat City then Souths, the confidence will be sky high.
The panic of that 1st semi final will NOT be repeated from here on in and is actually a wake up call for a Manly side that's had a few false results (playing easy teams and learning to Win the easy way), Manly learned the hard way the bar against Storm, Penrith and Souths is a fair way higher and you need to compete and complete, not just play pretty as these teams are a different animal, not the pushovers where you can shift the ball, well not until you have earned the right through the middle 3rd.
Even if Manly play with discipline and execute with perfection, it will need to be a far HARDER performance, as in a war zone type intensity where Storm are matched in an area they rarely are - collisions with and without the ball and Massive line speed all day....they are human and will make errors, but only a Super physical combat will make them understand this and wilt.
Snake's Alive!
The Cowboys made the GF without a week off back in 2017 but they won the first week. It's rare that a team loses a prelim after having the week off. If anything, the new rules make it even less likely due to the speed of the game and fatigue, etc. We're up against it now, even if we beat the Chooks.
The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
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At the end of the day .

If you are good enough you bounce back up and go all the way

So far the best pressure performing finals teams are Storm and Souths
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If we can get back the mojo we had in April 2021 anything is possible. But we have a number of players that just aren't performing to their best at present. Staring to think that subconsciously some of the squad were believing the press about Tom being superman and then thinking all they have to do is show up.
We most certainly can & I would absolutely love it if we did but I don't think we will.

I genuinely think we have a chance next year, this year has been too inconsistent & we haven't shown the mettle regularly enough to be true contenders, but it's been a great season to build on for next year's campaign.
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Of course we can win it we are one of 6 teams that can still do it.

I think best case scenario for us beat roosters and have a free shot at souths

Finishing with a preliminary final appearance this year will be such an achievement.

I just don't think it's our year this year.

One or 2 more years development in this squad and I think we are in our premiership window.

2022-2026 is our Window for us.

Souths have been my smokey all year and I am sticking to it.
We have flogged alot of ****house teams this year.
There's no more ****house teams left .
Our best performance for me was the first game against the eels, but we had the Bobby Fulton passing spurring us on that day.
Unless we can replicate that performance we will struggle.
Maybe not against the injury hit roosters but the rabbits will school us unless we play our best.

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