[poll] Biggest liability in 2005 team?

Which player is the biggest liability in the 2005 team?

  • Scott Donald

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  • Paul Stephenson

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  • Terry Hill

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  • Scott Donald

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  • Michael Witt

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  • Michael Monaghan

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  • Jason King

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  • Chad Randall

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  • Sam Harris

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  • Other

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the old "go out there and do better "gag.we dont get 200+k a year to play rugby league mate.he does.time he earned it.

under your little theory there would never be a critical article ever written by a sports journalist under 6 ft 6.

back to your saos champ.
Byso, I'm a Manly fan since the late 70's and have seen you about at Manly games the last few years after noticing you in these web sites some years ago, but am not one to get all chummy with the Rockers, Aaron or peole who run this site. Your posts were always interesting as you knew what you were talking about (unlike alot of others) and the work you did taking pics is fantastic for us users. But this post is garbage. Talk about what areas we need strengthening in etc eg: centres? hooker?, but setting up a poll to mark someone as the biggest liability? Please....

Do you personally go the the player who get's the most votes and let him know of your poll?

Barks, thanks.

But I am asking the fans who they consider to be a liability. As you can see King is a resounding winner. I agree with the fans (in this case). I feel he is doing himself and the team an injustice while playing injured or at not at 100% performance. A stint in PL could only help him. If you read these boards you will notice that it’s not often that I share such views. These types of discussions are why AE/ST is popular by many Manly supporters. We have an opportunity to air our views. It’s not the official site, so if the club are interested in what the fans really think of player performances they may take a moment to look at sites like ours. If they don’t, so what! We will speak the truth!

Do you think King should be in the Current NRL side?

Had to put "Crushette" Cleal as mine. He tries but misses tackles, drops balls gets penalised and suspended(thank God)....In short a liability. 2nd Sam "Magic Hands" Harris. Does nothing. 3rd King... as has been well documented. God we miss Hecks.
Cleal has been a disgrace, but only played a few games. He's actually gone backwords from last year.
I think Kite, Bryant, Kylie and Hecks are good enough...and so too can be King if/when he finds some form.

I'd just like to point out out that any player is good enough when they find form. Sue & Vegas :doh: would make great bookends, if they could just find some form. :doh: :doh:
Sue Ridgepipe, I agree, not all players (king one of them) are showing much form, and i understand journos write however they want, however they don't attack players as liabilties. As Manly supporters, we also have the right to be dissapointed in players from time to time and air these thoughts after bad games.

But this post is more of an attack at our players from behind keyboards and hide behind the old saying " they earn the money, so i have every right to bag them". If it hurts you that much, get some boots on and ring Des.

As a point - how big of me would it be to start a post somewhere on what people thought of you and Byso. What a loser i would be right?

I'm not asking that you don't fairly state when someone has had a shocker, but if your going to call players liabilities - I'd rather you lot advise the player of their liabilty to the team.

You guys never liked the Conga line and I certainly saw your point, I just didn't think this forum was going to become weak also.
so barks if he is not a liabilty then what the hell is he.

let me remind u......... run on prop

3 hitups 23metres

golden stats
i also think people are giving far too much weight to a buch of blokes sitting around discussing ****/good players,do u really think we have any influence over any player,and if we do then the player in question is in the wrong career.
I agree, very strange and disappointing. When Hecks is back, a run in PL would certainly be the go for him. But you did conveniently not advise how many tackles he made. 30something? How many did he miss?

so.... When he was on, did Manly rarely have the ball and were mostly in defence? i imagine you have all these stats also?
Some suppoters honestly think "they make a difference" in regards to how much shyte sandwich they eat :)
i also think people are giving far too much weight to a buch of blokes sitting around discussing ****/good players,do u really think we have any influence over any player,and if we do then the player in question is in the wrong career.

fair call, and they must be wondering what us people do for a life.

What tossers they would be if they started up their own forum about supporters and bagged us...
made 23 missed 5 and made 1 mistake,i watched closely and there were a lot of flops in there.it would be diffucult to get the stats on possession when he was on because i doubt they break up the time into milli seconds which would be needed to break his game time down.i find it amazing that someone could defend the hitup stats regardless of possession.
mate stop taking all this to heart ,were talking footy for ffs,people can call me all the names they want even set up a poll i couldnt care.
Mate, I'm not the one getting upset and swearing. I just simply thought there was better reading material in here until i came across this, and as I am advised, we can talk our minds here.

I have no problem with some constructive criticism. Just didn't think we'd stoop to this level.
I cant see a problem. Simply asking the fans who they consider is the biggest liability, I'm sure all the other players would be glad not to be regarded as the worst. Thats gotta be a plus.

Barks who would you consider to be the most underperforming player this year?
i am far from upset, i just cant believe a guy is hopeless every week and people accept it,however i am coming to learn the majority of sea eagles fans not only accept mediocrity, but embrace it.i would still like an explanation for the hitup figure by the way,not having a crack at u i would just like someone to give a "positive" spin on that.
Vegas, it was 21 metres according to Big League.

And around 1/2 of the tackles made were third man in flops.

It stands as one of the poorest 35 minutes of play ever seen in the NRL, especially seeing as several of the missed tackles led to tries to the opposition.

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