[poll] Are you happy with Dessie as coach?

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Are you happy with Dessie as coach?

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I need a maybe.

I will give him next season as well. If he cant coach the team with a quality half then no, if we improve well than yes.

Though I think the Captain situation needs to be looked at. I think Monas is a little bit inexperienced to be captain and perhaps it should be Kennedy.


First Grader
Dessie makes the decision to purchase players, select the captain. Devise game tactics, defensive and attacking patterns

Then select the best teams week in week out.

He has only proved that when things don’t go his way........he loses his way.


First Grader
I'm shocked, looks like the MSE crowd are visiting ST again. Welcome.

How could the majority be happy with this season?


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
we finished in 8th spot, I though 8th to 10th and that would be a fairly good season. So I am happy with the outcome


UFO Hunter
Yes for me.

Were we all questioning him after winning 9 from 12 at the begining of the season? No. In fact most of us thought he was doing a great job with what most 'non' manly supporters would call an average line-up.

There were hardly any positional changes. Witt and Donnald being the most noticable. So how can we blame a coach for the bad end of season when he has proven he can coach them to compete with the best during the first half of the season.

I put the end of season demise down to a few select players bad form or lack of motivation.

DVS Matt

yes, he's doing a good job.

got us into the 8 after we had our whole salary cap to spend. now we have better players coming and will move up the ladder accordingly.

however, if we can't finish top 6 next year with the team we have then serious q's need to be asked.

obviously it wasn't ideal losing a lot of games in the second half of the season. But if you ahd of switched the halves around and we stormed home and made the 8, we'd all be pretty damn happy with the effort. Just the way you look at it i spose.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Are you happy with the way it was done?
You know, the way they play?

I wasn't happy with the end of the season no. But Des did well enough to get us into the 8 with a less than perfect roster. A lot of the problem was not really Des's problem but a certain halfbacks.

The coach can only go so far, and quite clearly at the start of the season he equipped his team with the right tools, its the players fault for dropping them


First Grader
Fair enough, I think the coach has to keep the players motivated to get the team playing "as a team" From what I see that isn't evident.

Flip the start of the season everything did look great, then he didn't handle a few pressing issues well and the team lost focus. His fault!

Only a few players were injured during the year at certain stages. Theres no excuses for this demise. I dont care that we lost games, it was the way in which these loses happened that annoying.

Our standard of play was park footy standard. They played like they were uncoached at least 5 times this year. Not good enough.


First Grader
Dont agree they are competative look at the scorelines and style of play. Same goes for the Roosters.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Byso, The captain is supposse to do the coaches work on the field and motivate, manas couldnt do this and more of the blame should rest on his shoulders


First Grader
Yes for me.

I am not happy with our end of season form but we still did enough to make the 8. Next year will be his make or break year with good cattle in key positions.

The reason the Broncos remain comeptitive is because their Roster is far superior to ours. No other reason.


Reserve Grader
Nah he started off the year great and took a team that no one thought would be within a stones throw of the finals and got them there and for most the year looked like title contenders


Reserve Grader
Yes. Anything else would be a knee-jerk. He inherited a side that finished second last, created a player turnover of over 30 in the last 2 years and managed to get us into the finals (and keep us in the 8 all year) in such a short space of time. Souths have had as long as we've had to rebuild and they're progress looks miniature in comparison.

Our first grade squad in 2003:

Tony Jensen
Jason Ferris
Aaron Cannings
Mitch Creary
Mark Shipway
Anthony Watmough *
Scott Donald
Sam Harris
Brendon Reeves
Albert Torrens
Luke Dorn
Grant Wooden
Steve Menzies *
Nathan Long
Chad Randall
Ben MacDougall
Jason King *
Craig Hayne
Matt Hill
John Hopoate
Sam Murphy
Alex Moore
Christian Hill
Danny Lima
Kevin McGuinness
Ben Walker
Malupo Kaufusi
Luke Williamson *
Tasesa Lavea

4/30 players in 2003 will be here for the 2006 season. That's one hell of a transition.

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