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Police Call Off Search for Watmough

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ron E. Gibbs, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Ron E. Gibbs

    Ron E. Gibbs Well-Known Member

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    Found this over at Fire Up, the blog of the FBI radio show: http://fireuptoeyhumans.blogspot.com/
    Sure it's a little late, but it's still funny.

    Police Call Off Search for Watmough

    Rugby league: Police today called off their search for Manly rugby league player Anthony Watmough, who is believed to be missing in the Homebush area.

    Watmough was last seen singing the national anthem at Telstra Stadium at around 7.15 pm on Sunday, and has not been seen since. Police sources have quoted unconfirmed reports of Watmough being involved in a hit and run incident with Melbourne Storm player Greg Inglis at around 7.45 pm, but were unable to locate a body.

    Police interviewed Inglis, who now only answers to the name "Clive", but he was unable to assist them. Inglis said he "ran over a small speed bump" in scoring his first try on Sunday night, but could shed no further light on the incident.

    Police called off the search after receiving information suggesting that Watmough may have faked his own disappearance. A police source said: "Apparently this has happened before - I understand that Watmough went missing during a State of Origin match in 2005, but was later found unharmed."

    "We need to focus our limited resources on people who are physically missing" he added "not those who just go missing during important rugby league matches."

    Anyone with information on Mr. Watmough's whereabouts is asked to called CrimeStoppers.
  2. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    I think he might be found at the in-laws Christmas BBQ.

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