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Please explain!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Blowfly, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Blowfly

    Blowfly Well-Known Member

    +292 /14
    1. Why does Smith & Daley say a high penalty count against Melbourne is poor refereeing but the same thing against Manly 2 weeks ago is poor discipline?

    2. Why do the commentators howl about refs only when they feel Melbourne are hardly done by?

    3. Why do commentators talk about Melbourne's missing players when Parra played with 16 men after Robson went off?

    4. When will they realise Melbourne were being penalised mainly for lying on tackled player which they usually get away with?

    5. Why is this result as spectacular as they're saying...Parra are 2nd last...Melbourne are first & shouldve won?

    I've had a gutful of the Melbourne love fest!

    That is all...
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    • The Eagle

      The Eagle Well-Known Member

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      Obscure whinge but I've noticed this myself
    • Jerry1

      Jerry1 Well-Known Member

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      Rave on lol

      PONTIAN SEA EAGLE Well-Known Member

      +1,521 /114
      They are starting to really piss me off, they are a 3 man side how the **** do they do it week in week out.
    • Narly

      Narly Active Member

      +74 /2
      Let me think Fox is owned by news. Melbournes owned by News, NRL owned by News.

      Yes it's all above board.
    • Brookie

      Brookie Well-Known Member

      +237 /4
      maybe we need more Qld-ers in our team?
    • bazeagle

      bazeagle Well-Known Member

      +568 /107
      I can't stand Storm. Nothing would be sweeter than us beating them in the GF. This year.
    • manlysister

      manlysister Member

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      And that we will ;)
    • cf2 is back

      cf2 is back Active Member

      +94 /20
      I didn't think of this, a dismayed Saints supporter at my work did, but it makes perfect sense as to why teams with just a few stars and nothing else can do so well, a la Melbourne this year.

      Bellamy is smart, he gets the neville nobody meat heads to do two things only - smash it up the middle, tackle everything, repeat for 80 mins - and while they are doing that the 3 superstars do the fancy stuff and win the game. Simple!

      Just like Newcastle in the 90's - a bunch of meat heads smash it up all day - and 1 triple superstar Joey performs the magic.

      But despite that simple plan and success - you'd have to think Manly, and (despite the last 2 weeks), Saints are far greater chances of winning the comp over Melbourne.


      Because when it comes down to matches between them - all 3 have the meat heads to do the tough stuff - all 3 tackle everything that moves - but whilst Melb have just the 3 stars to win it - Manly and Saints have stars all over the park.

      They might not quite match Slater, Cronk & Smith - but our respective 1, 6, 7 & 9's are not far behind given we're talking Stewart/Boyd, Foran/Soward, DCE/Hornby, and Fien-Young/Ballin - then Saints can throw in Gasnier, Cooper, Morris, Nightingale, Creagh - and Manly do the same with Lyon, Matai, Hoppa, Watmough and Glenn Stewart.

      That's the talent across the park Melb can't match - and that's why I reckon Manly and Saints will play the GF.
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      • eagleE

        eagleE Active Member

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        For a 3 man side they are doing very well to win games. They have goers all around them. Work horses, try scoring machines. As much as every team trys, it is difficult to stop them. We hate them but need to admit they are a worthy side for the minor premiership.
        Manly have probably been the most ripped off team in the last few years, but to win, it should never come down to a refs call. You need to control the game yourself.
      • WAMF

        WAMF Well-Known Member

        +408 /0
        I couldn't believe the commentators didn't mention Slater putting his knee on the tackled players head (I think it was Horo) when they were looking for any reason why a penalty should have been given to Parra (in addition to the high shot).
        These d1ckheads watched the replay 5 times in slow mo and the best Daley could come up with was that the ball carrier hurt his leg.
        Fair dinkum its a become a joke how Daley will do anything to protect the reputation of some of the biggest grubs in the game, especially if they come from the Drizzle or the Goons.
      • DSM5

        DSM5 Well-Known Member

        +516 /0
        Look, as Narly quite correctly pointed out the commentators are employed by the same group that employ the Storm. Why wouldn't they all root for their employer's team. And they do! It should come as no surprise. If Manly owned the TV network, the commentators would be expected to rave about our/their team. I heard one commentator refer to the Storm team as 'we' (like "if we hold the ball we score"). Funny that.

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