I think that if the Pack can give Rodgers even half decent protection (unlike the Bears game) then they will take it. LaMarr Woodley & James Harrison will be running wild though so that will be an interesting matchup, I wonder how many penalties Harrison will give away before he learns to stop. Getting Aaron Smith back will be a massive boost for the Steelers as well.

The worry for Pitt is their secondary IMO, Rodgers can tear those guys up with ease if he is given the time. If Polamalu is fit enough to be roaming around the field like normal then he could lock things down though.

Maurkice Pouncey has also said that he will definately play despite getting that high ankle sprain against the Jest. Massive boost for Pitt's o-line & proof that Jay Cutler has nothing on Pouncey  :p.

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Steelers have been there twice in the last five years with two wins. Pack remind me of the Roosters in 2010 - good players, going well but have exceeded expectations. Pitttsburgh's offensive line will need to play well but the Steelers can run, throw and adapt in a way that moves the ball and restricts time in possession. Their special team has been their biggest worry, conceding a lot of TDs on kick and kickoff returns.


GB's return teams aren't are nothing more than adequate so I'm not expecting that to be a big factor.

I haven't seen much of Rodger's play earlier in the season so I'm not entirely sure how good he is at dealing with a zone blitz, I'd expect he'll be watching plenty of tape on dealing with that.

With all things equal it should come down to defense, Rodgers is right up there in the Peyton/Brady tier of passers & Big Ben just has an uncanny knack of being unbelievable clutch & pulling wins out of his ass.

Dick LeBeau vs Dom Capers is going to be incredible, two best D co-ords in the league.


Go Pack go!

Wonderful to see them get up after the Steelers had their normal nonesense where everything goes their way in the Super Bowl. Massive effort to do it without Woodson as well, especially when they were missing Sam Shields for some of the 2nd & 3rd QTRs.

Much better team on the day & a much deserved result IMO. Rodgers was immense, no thanks to his recievers. He'll surely win SB MVP.


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Packs deserved the win. Roethy's interceptions were the telling part of the game. GB almost threw it away 3rd Q through ill-discipline. Had me interested almost the whole time.

Can't agree that Steelers got all the luck. It was a tale of two halves, mostly good fortune for GB 1st, then Steelers 2nd. The largest comeback in SB has been only 10 pts and they were down 18 so it was big effort to get so close. But I didn't feel confident that they would get their nose in front. A good solid win.

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The best team one and the Steelers didn't handle themselves well in the first half - a surprise really given their past records. Well done to the Pack - worthy champions in a good game.

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