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Playing into the oppositions hands

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Newcastle_Scotty, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Newcastle_Scotty

    Newcastle_Scotty Member

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    Don't quite understand the anger in here about Hoppa and Des. I know we won the GF and this is taking the gloss off that win, and all this media frenzy and supporter abuse is playing right into the media and oppositions hands.
    I'm sure that young Hoppa and Des would have preferred to let us all celebrate for a while before trickling out the information of where they were planning on going, but the other clubs and the media decided to start derailing us sooner than later.
    I don't blame Des and Hoppa for this...I blame the other clubs who leaked the information to the media, forcing them to come clean, long before they wanted to. You know the media won't let go, once a rumour like that is leaked.
    I remember Bennett was going to Easts in a done deal, but he didn't want to derail his sides GF aspirations, so when a gleeful Easts board member leaked to the press the coup.....Bennett told them to screw themselves, and stayed.
    I just wish Hoppa and Des had the same arrangements.

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