Players snub fans????

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I went to the after game presentation last night.

Because it was the last day game of the season, the auditorium was packed especially after a resounding win. I was perplexed to notice that some of the higher profile players didn't show.

There was no

BK, Beaver, Monas and probably others from the NRL squad. Considering the club setup tables for the players to sign posters etc I thought it was poor form that these players didn't show.

Next week there will not be time for a presentation.


First Grader
I also noticed that Dessie didn't discuss the game.

We all know he's not the most interesting speaker, but a few words from the coach would go well.


Kim Jong Dan
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Zorba pulled him away half way through the radio interview as well


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I was up in the auditorium also & noticed that quite a few players weren't up on stage for the speeches. Nevermind , it was good for the kids to get some autographs & meet the players that were present.

The Leagues Club is fairly quiet after the game these days. I guess a lot of people go to Brookvale Hotel for post match drinks. We stayed at the Club till 7pm before heading down to the Wharf Bar. Hoping next Friday night at the Club will be a big night with Manly fans celebrating a win over the Doggies.
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