Players & RLPA v NRL: Ongoing Saga

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Yeah, Nah.
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‘bUt ThE fAnS mIsS oUt’
Could care less.

9 and Fox are only spewing because they think their investment is seriously devalued now.

That Clint Newton has a very punchable face though.


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Listening to Abdo then Newton is like listening to an intellectual heavyweight followed up by an intellectual flyweight

How on earth the players can trust the judgement of the guy who dumped Jennifer Hawkins I’ll never know
Kiwi, we have all made mistakes....but none whatsoever can be as bad as knocking Jen back... he has no credibility after that


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Its rare i don't support unity over the organisation

this willbe no different considering that 9 and fox are impacted

manly al

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If one of the players association "s gripes or supposed grievances concerns or is partly about after career health or welfare issues , don 't think that either party is ready to come to terms with that issue yet .
Just based on all of the intricacies linked with that matter .
Think that i mentioned previously some type of an insurance scheme to try to address some of the possible after footy health problems that could be caused or precipitated during an N R L career
But plenty of other levels in the game also affected so not sure where you could draw the line then in regard to overall code coverage
Then maybe in the practical sense , the players should be responsible for any insurance provision and if they are expecting the head body to pick up the tab exclusively , that is really asking too much if that is the case
Anyway really don 't think overall that the optics or situation has changed too much since the last stand off . All for the rights of players and to be getting a fair go but this has its limits too if there are attempts which seem evident now to push the envelope or going too far on the legitimate or generally realistic demands or control side .
A bigger picture there for all parties concerned and which the N R L seem or continue to be acutely mindful and generally respectful of
‘bUt ThE fAnS mIsS oUt’
Could care less.

9 and Fox are only spewing because they think their investment is seriously devalued now.

That Clint Newton has a very punchable face though.
That's the issue when dad lost his arm, it was the punching arm. Kid never got a lesson

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