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PLAYERS RATINGS in evaluating the TEAM WE NEED v Souths

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lillchip, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. lillchip

    lillchip Active Member

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    1. Brett Stewart: Even when clearly nowhere near 100% provides incredible confidence (and 2/2 wins) and does everything safely and assuredly. Sure a dropped pass but DCE confused the line with another what's he doing moment. Lovely combo with Tom T guiding him perfectly.
    2. Jorge Taufua: Liability in defence, constantly comes out of the line, too short therefore can't leap for bombs, not that fast for a winger, often unsafe hands, but can crash over in the corner when required. Does that make a first grade winger? Nope.
    3. Jamie Lyon: Again very few chances in space, solid in defence, perfect goal kicking
    14. Lewis Brown: Not a centre but tried his heart out
    5. Tom Trbojevic: Gets better every week and a great 2nd fullback covering the 70% Brett
    6. Dylan Walker: Done very well considering just 4 games, that pace is a match winner and will only prove more valuable as the weeks go by. Still likely a better centre but give Barrett benefit of doubt, just.
    7. DCE: What the hell is with the sideways run then stop dead caught rabbit thing? Kicking game just ok, but now injured which is obv a massive problem
    8. Josh Starling: Q1. If he's a starting prop why only 37 mins. Q2. Why only 6 hit ups for 50m? Surely ranks about 5th of our props therefore bench at best.
    9. Matt Parcell: 80 mins of non stop work, 45 tackles and solid d/h service. Needs to back himself more and take those Glanville like match winning runs using his brilliant pace. What a fantastic kid.
    10. Nate Myles: Q1. If he's a starting prop why only 44 mins (look at James Graham stats). Q2. Why only 8 hit ups for 74m? Surely ranks about 4th of our props therefore bench at best.
    18. Jamie Buhrer: Must be the unluckiest guy since, well Ben Henry. Another 6 week wait.
    15. Feleti Mateo: Aside from the cut out pass for the try was hard to remember him out there especially since played 80mins. 7 missed tackles shows he's clearly not an 80 min player. Back to the bench quick.
    13. Jake Trbojevic: Q1. Why is he playing 80 mins at lock where he's basically a tackling machine? Q2. Does the fact he's not broken 100 metres in 80 mins not show he's being wrongly used? Surely ranks no. 1 prop in the club (player of the year 2015) therefore back to no. 8 surely for say 60-65 mins a la Tolman/Graham

    17. Siosaia Vave: 45 mins, 13 runs for 126 metres. Great work and proving deserves his place.
    20. Blake Leary: Underated workhorse. Put him at lock.
    21. Luke Burgess: 26 mins may be a short stint but it's a chance to impact with some smashing hit ups. Result? Powderpuff. Sorry back to reserves.
    23. Darcy Lussick: So much potential and so often so little shown. But that one barnstormer from the kick off proves it's in there. More, more, more of that pleeeeeease.


    1. Brett Stewart
    2. Line up Satini, Lavaka and Goodall at training. Whoever is the fastest, can catch the most bombs under defensive pressure, and can tackle gets the no. 2 jersey. And no, not Williane.
    3. Jamie Lyon
    4. Steve Matai (seriously didn't play due to "soreness"??? Assume this was a clever move to ensure he's fresh as a daisy for Souths, instead of his neck almost certainly not surviving 3 games in 11 days)
    5. Tom Trbojevic
    6. Dylan Walker
    7. Isaac John or Peta Godinet (surely Barrett knows which is better, prob John who looked good in the 9's)
    8. Jake Trbojevic (best prop in club should be no. 8 starting prop, and his 80 min lock stats prove he could easily play 60-70 at prop a la Tolman/Graham)
    9. Matt Parcell
    10. Nate Myles (but only cos of his leadership and good defence stats)
    11. Martin Taupau (with a warning about potential to go missing, we badly need the Tigers game Marty)
    12. Tom Symonds (can play 80, dangerous out wide if given good ball, good defender)
    13. Blake Leary (The Shaun Fensom brief, tackle everything for 80 mins)

    14. Feleti Mateo (halves cover if needed, ball playing skills, better bench impact than starting side)
    15. Darcy Lussick (make him watch that kick off run last night over and over, and get him really angry just before running on)
    16. Brenton Lawrence
    17. Siosaia Vave

    18. Lewis Brown (cover if/where needed)
    19. Josh Starling (not enough impact to get a spot, but good cover if needed)
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    • Turbo

      Turbo Well-Known Member

      +1,565 /497
      Leary was crap! I dint see anything from him. Jake needs to stay at lock. Walker was our best last night and I doubt walker will get shifted out of 5/8 at all this year, why shift him after he is getting so good at it, could be a Bolter for the origin 6. Brown was great and is much better when he is playing utility he won't get dropped. Tafua struggled but he wasn't as bad as everyone is saying i mean even he did come up to catch Hastings skd would have caught it he is a lot taller. Tafua should not get dropped he is very good in attack his defence isn't all there but who cares neither is Matais. DCE was taking lots of hit ups doing the work our forwards couldn't do not his fault. Mateo was great, missed tackles stats don't really count coz a missed could be someone brushing his arm. He was great tonight and should play as many minted as possible .
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      • nightster

        nightster I feel like a young girl from Melbourne Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        I must have been watching a different game
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        • Lyonstomenzies

          Lyonstomenzies Well-Known Member Premium Member

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          Walker was no way our best last night. He was terrible in defence.
        • Mark from Brisbane

          Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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          He dropped one ball, otherwise did pretty well with limited time, still believe he's an 80 minute tackling machine that can attack as well.

          Getting limited time doesn't help him.
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          • bazeagle

            bazeagle Well-Known Member

            +598 /108
          • bazeagle

            bazeagle Well-Known Member

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            Good solid ratings - two things: DCE looks lost as pointed out sideways and that awful freeze which is clearly him not knowing what to do.....Barrett is still an L Plater for mine and without Bozo's midweek texts telling Barrett who to pick and tell him the game plan we would be 0/4
            Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
          • midsteyne

            midsteyne loyal forever Premium Member

            +1,094 /22
            We won,who cares how they played.they will get more cohesive each game till the finals then they will play as one:)

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