[Resurrected] Players owe it to Des


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We owe it to Des
Manly Daily

WE head into the 2005 season knowing we hold Des Hasler's future in our hands.

If we don't make the finals this year then Dessie's brief coaching career might be over before it's really started.

That's the reality in the cut-throat world of rugby league.

If a team isn't winning then there is always speculation about the coach - and Des isn't immune to that.

We are 100 per cent behind Des and I believe if we put into practice what he has shown us in the off-season then we'll be on course for a long-overdue finals berth.

We've had a long drought here at Manly - too long.

Manly is a proud club with a lot of history and the fans expect their team to be winning.

Hopefully this year we can deliver a team that is exciting to watch and wins regularly.

Last year we were expecting to make the finals and didn't.

Anything less than a finals berth this year will be disappointing.

We expect a lot of ourselves because we know we've got the team to do it.

We've pinpointed the first six or seven weeks as being vitally important.

If we can get away to a good start then it really sets up our season.

The first step on what will be a tough journey begins tomorrow when we take on the unpredictable Warriors at Ericsson Stadium.

Everyone in New Zealand is expecting big things from the Warriors and they will be under enormous pressure to succeed straight away.

Ruben Wiki and Steve Price will add some authority up front but it's a contest our big boppers are looking forward to.

We've been all but written off over here but that suits me just fine.

I can assure you we will surprise plenty of people this year - starting tomorrow!


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I'm refering to comments such as "we're going to surprise lots of people" etc etc.

I hope to be surprised tomorrow collectively by the team as a whole. A win will surprise me. So let them get out there and surprise us. Monas saying I'm going to be surprised means diddly squat, and BK wouldn't have said such clap trap. HE lets his actions do the talking.


Bull****. BK would of done the same thing. Their just positive at the moment and what else are you going to say if you are asked to write an article.

"we will try our best and not get flogged".

This article is meaningless really unless they back it up. But captains have to be positive in the press. Monas has heart.. he wont let us down.. he will give his 100%


they probably asked him a few questions and he answered them and they wrote the article for him.. but you know what i mean 8o)


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I'm looking forward to being surprised tomorrow. I have lined up a mates place and will have laptop at the ready. ;)


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Poor Monas, he has to be a media specalist to be a skipper now.......I've heard on Radio and spoken to BK......lets just say Monas is VERY worthy imo!


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Sometimes you do take things a little too seriously mata. I for one am glad that we get an article, even if its ghost written based on monas quotes.

Mark from Brisbane

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Blast from the past right there!!

This situation is very much playbook circa 2005-6.

Des ( God , see @The Wheel ) has done an incredible job in moulding this side in just 12 months.

I’m not sure it’ll come to fruition in 2019 but I’m damned sure the next two years are going to be great times for us all.

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