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Players on during trial

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by eagleE, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. eagleE

    eagleE Active Member

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    Does anybody know the players who are on tomorrow night against the Sharks. I'm thinking of going if its a good squad on.
    Also Larissa if you read this will there be a chance of getting membership tomorrow night at the ground. Will you have people there.
  2. RL Gronk

    RL Gronk New Member

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    @larissa can you guys stream it for us out towners. The sharks did that last year
  3. Brookie

    Brookie Well-Known Member

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    ‎1. Brett STEWART
    2. Ben FARRAR
    3. Jamie LYON ©
    4. Steve MATAI
    5. Jacob GAGAN
    6. Dane CHISHOLM
    7. Daly CHERRY-EVANS
    8. Brenton LAWRENCE
    9. Matt BALLIN
    10. Brent KITE
    11. Anthony WATMOUGH
    12. Justin HORO
    13. Joe GALUVAO
    14. Jamie BUHRER
    15. Ligi SAO
    16. Richie FA'AOSO
    17. Justin LEMALU
    18. Nick SKINNER
    19. James CUNNINGHAM
    20. Magnus STROMQUIST
    21. Peta HIKU
    22. Dylan STRICKLAND
    23. Kayne LAWTON
    24. Liam HIGGINS
    25. Jason SEAGE
    26. Dom NASSO
    27. Michael CHAPMAN
    28. Ben MUSOLINO
    29. David GOWER
    30. Jesse SENE-LEFAO
    31. Jackson WILLIAMS
    32. Nathan COOPER
    33. Dean McGLINCHY
    34. Dylan HILL
    35. Kayse GREER

    Coach: tooves
  4. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    +264 /0
    Hi there,
    Definitely will have membership staff there tonight. We will actually have all the seats available still for members marked, so if you like a view from a particular seat, it could be yours!
    Unfortunately we won't be able to stream the game or give any comprehensive social media updates, we just don't have the staffing resources.
    Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  5. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

    +2,280 /74
    I will be there with the family, can't wait for kick off so we can start to foget all this other stuff - also it will be great to get first look at the new guys.
  6. Garts

    Garts Well-Known Member

    +802 /23
    Im heading down, no excuse now I live in the area again. How much are tickets?
  7. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

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    $10 for members
    Kids under 16 free
    $20 adult
    $15 concession
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    • Rambo1987

      Rambo1987 Well-Known Member

      +221 /2
      Good to see James Cunningham in the squad
      On the Gold Coast
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      • seaeagledave

        seaeagledave Active Member

        +68 /2
        Where is Taufua?
      • firechild

        firechild Active Member

        +62 /0
        I've signed up for membership today. Am I still able to get the members price for the game tonight?
      • Larissa

        Larissa Well-Known Member

        +264 /0
        Definitely! Just print off your email receipt to show at the ticket window :)

        Same goes tonight, join up and save $10 off your ticket!

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