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Player Signings & Fans Meet ‘N Greets

Discussion in 'Silvertails Soapbox' started by ssar, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Player Signings & Fans Meet ‘N Greets

    It seems there haven’t been many opportunities for MWSE fans to Meet ‘N ‘Greet the players nor get signatures through organized signing events, for some time now (years).

    I have heard / read about a significant number of Manly supporters being disappointed with this, primarily regarding kids keen for signatures and to shake hands with their footy heroes.

    The boys, I imagine, wouldn’t be too concerned with an hour more here and there to address this. And in any case all top level sports people should understand that it’s very important to many of their team’s fans.

    Even living in Newcastle and only making it to a few NRL games per season on average myself, I have seen ample opportunity for this kind of stuff, through organized events and casual after-match opportunities – both on the field around the fence after games and in the leagues club during various evenings.

    During organized events such as the NRL pre-grand final Thursday fans party @ Darling Harbour, and the MWSE Champions parade & civic reception @ Brookie & the Manly Corso, the organizers really should have allocated an extra hour or so during each and encouraged somewhat orderly signings & greetings for all the fans (along a fence or something so they aren’t surrounded can help, etc.)
    And as for on-field after games, I’d love to see almost all the players following Matty & Daly’s lead and wandering around most of the fence shaking hands and signing stuff much more often.

    Surely some folks in the MWSE admin etc. can have a look at this and bring it up at meetings etc. to at least make it happen a bit more often.

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