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Player Agents role

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Budgewoi Eagle, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Budgewoi Eagle

    Budgewoi Eagle In for the long haul. Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    In all this recent apparent player discontent, I've read everyone blamed on here from the players to the big fat Greek to the board, but never a mention of the player agents.

    Many older heads have commented that they've never seen anything like this at the club before and nor have I. And many other supporters have said the same about their own clubs. So what's different?

    The rise of the Player Agent must play a part. Never before have player earnings been so astronomical and never before have agents played such a major role in our game. I have no inside knowledge of this stuff but I got to thinking that if they get 20% of a players earnings and that player signs a three year contract, then they'd always feel like they have to be seen to be doing something to justify their worth to their players. Perhaps this is why we're seeing reports about the like of DCE and Foz when they still have more than a year to play on their contracts - the agents are stirring it up.

    It then might also follow that if they sniff a bit of controversy in the club (a la Glenn no-contract) then they could actively stir up their own player's discontent in order to get a higher contract elsewhere and thus a bigger slice for themselves.

    Then I wondered how concentrated the agent pool is so I searched for who are the agents to our current players. The list is incomplete, but here's what I found:
    Brett Stewart - George Mimis
    Peta Hiku - George Mimis
    Jamie Lyon - George Mimis
    Steve Matai - Gavin Orr
    Jorge Tafua
    Kieran Foran - George Mimis
    Daly Cherry Evans - Gavin Orr
    Josh Starling
    Matt Ballin - George Mimis
    Brenton Lawrence - Gavin Orr
    Anthony Watmough - George Mimis
    Justin Horo - Gavin Orr
    Glenn Stewart - Mike Newton
    Jamie Buhrer
    Jason King - George Mimis
    Dunamis Lui
    Jesse Sene Lafao
    David Williams - George Mimis
    Tom Symonds - Gavin Orr
    Cheyse Blair - Gavin Orr

    13 Sea Eagles including lower graders are with Mimis - most of any club.
    See: http://www.sfxsports.com.au/club/manly_warringah_seaeagles

    Des Hasler is also with Mimis, as is Brent Kite and Dean Whare.
    According to Roy Masters the Mimis agency, SFX, expressed an interest in buying the Sea Eagles during the struggle to stay solvent - http://www.smh.com.au/news/league/nrl-to-crack-down-on-agents-as-players-question-mimis/2005/09/09/1125772695052.html

    I’m not suggesting anything about Mimis or Orr who represents six of the list above, but I do wonder about the amount of power that sits with these people. They are the first port of call for the club in negotiations with so many players. And this is an age when the player is more of an individual looking after their own brand than ever before.

    Maybe that's why it's so very difficult to maintain a culture in a club.
    Just a thought.
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    • Harry

      Harry Active Member

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      At the end of the day its the player who is in charge and lets his manager know what he wants done, the manager then will let the club know what his client wants
    • Mark from Brisbane

      Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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      Incorrect Budge

      My post in the BS on BS thread clearly lays the blame on the player managers , who then leak to the media.

      In the case of the Stewarts / Watmough, add Zorba in the mix as he's very very tight with Bazza Stewart and has a massive axe to grind. .
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      • manlyfan76

        manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        No axe left only handle and that's wearing thin.
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        • Chip and Chase

          Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          That's a surprising number of players with one agent. Does make it easy for him to manipulate negotiations with the club because he knows what over 1/2 of the roster are on.

          How many registered player agents are there ?? You woudl think that a snapshot of any club would reveal a pretty broad mix of available agents. Seems not to be the case with us.
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          • Budgewoi Eagle

            Budgewoi Eagle In for the long haul. Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            102 registered:

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