Perry closer to coming our way

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I was reading RLW today and they said both Woolnough and Perry had already signed for next year.

Woolnough with panthers and Perry with us.
I dont care if they carry a bit of extra weight. Makes them harder to stop, and the defenders have to work harder to get their arms around them.

Is good for a bit of variation from the stock standard front rower we have these days
I'm on a diet, because I don't want to be short AND fat. Donny, my number is QYZABC !!! Please call me.
All that Perry needs is for Des to fire him up next year.He seems to lack any desire under Brian Smith,and recently being told that he isnt required for next season,you cant blame him.
there vis no question that the talent and agression as a ball runner is there, i would feel a little better if he shed a few kegs.
Des DOES seem to have the ability to turn a Premier League player (not saying Perry is) around into a good, solid 1st grader:-

George Rose
Michael Robertson
Mark Bryant
Glenn Hall
Clint Halden

To name a few.

I agree with you, Des appears to bring the best out of good footballers. I think its more to do with culture of the club. Is it that Des did play for the club and can instill club loyalty and character were an outsider coach wouldn't?
All I know is that club is more successful when we utilise more local juniors or players introduced to 1st Grade.

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