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Perfect Storm -Its getting Bigger

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Guest, Jul 15, 2010.

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    This is from news.com today -Maybe this is what managemnt are waiting on

    THE Melbourne Storm's salary cap fraud is so extensive that News Limited chief executive and chairman John Hartigan warned yesterday: "You are in for a shock - the size of the infringements are huge."

    As the Storm nervously await the release of the Deloitte investigation into their finances, Mr Hartigan said for the first time the club would struggle to keep its star quartet of Greg Inglis, Cameron Smith, Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater.

    He also took aim at Storm chairman Rob Moodie, branding his suggestions that Deloitte was doctoring its report to suit News as "defamatory and patently absurd". Speaking outside News' Surry Hills offices yesterday, Mr Hartigan revealed the report would name players.

    "That will happen," he said. "There will be names named when it [the report] is released this week.

    "Look, you are in for a shock because of the depth of what I'd consider a fraud, that will be there for everyone to see. The size of the infringements are huge.

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    "Our job is about rebuilding the club so I want to make this club totally open, transparent and for them to be able to rebuild with the players and the best team we can get.

    "There's people [at the club] who have been suspended and you will see there's action about them in the report.

    "We [News Limited] have only had the report since the end of last week. It's a very big document and we want to make it transparent and release it.

    "The bottom line is that there are parts for people's privacy, particularly the players, that we feel we can't [make public]. But I think you will be surprised at how much [information] you will get."

    Mr Hartigan insisted any Storm officials aware of the rorting would be sacked and players would be named in the report.

    Asked could Melbourne possibly retain their four big stars, Mr Hartigan said: "I'll do some sums when we release it to show you how difficult [it will be]. It is about retaining the fans, the best team, the best players, the culture, and the things that are so great."

    Mr Hartigan said Melbourne may need some assistance from the NRL to retain a competitive side.

    "We are going to need goodwill from the NRL. [But] when you are suing them, I am not sure that will buy you that goodwill."

    The four independent directors, Moodie, Jayco caravan king Gerry Ryan, Peter Maher and Petra Fawcett, are taking the NRL to court claiming the league did not follow due process in stripping the Storm of two premierships and preventing them from playing for points this season.

    News Limited chief operating officer Peter Macourt this week asked Melbourne's independent directors to resign. They refused. The Storm's acting chief
    executive Frank Stanton addressed the club's administrative staff yesterday, telling them the report had exonerated them.

    He said the report would be released some time today.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/melbourne-storm-salary-cap-fraud-report-will-shock-john-hartigan/story-e6frfkvr-1225891975791#ixzz0thdsl7eI
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    11.00am press conference by News Ltd
  3. Av8r

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    Funny how Hartigan talks about keeping their culture. Culture of what? cheating, not playing in the spirit of the game, encouraging players to become grubs??!!
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    Please shut the storm down.

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