Peeping Tom


Journey Man
Ok guys - Mike Patton has finally done it. ANOTHER C.R.A.P album in my opinion.

He starts out with Faith No More. Amazing music. Solid. Has staying power. Very listeneable. Brings out album after album of platinum selling records. I would to this day dish out hard earned $$$ for each album as they were released.

Then comes Mr Bungle. Ok - quite strange - but again has enough even melodies to be able to sit and sing along etc. Very synchopated though (very start/stop). No real 4/4 melodies that was the trademark of FNM.

But then things make a turn for the worse !!!

Fantomas. Gets together with The Slayer drummer, and puts out what I would term as squeels and piss. NO music - just grunting, choking, spitting type sounds !!! WTF is that??? A music CD should have music on it. I'm not over explaining this. It would be like me going up to a microphone, to a hock sound (about to spit), and sell it.

Mike Patton's solo album. No band, no music. Just him making screeching noises for 50 odd minutes !!! WORSE than Fantomas !!!!

There's a band called Milk Cult who hired Mike Patton at this stage as a Chameo. This is what they say about him "(vocals and squeeling on Psychoanalytwist)". FFS - he's being employed by others for this crap?

Then around the same time, 2 albums came out that showed a slight improvement. The scores and arrangements were more up-beat, and pallatable, but had lingerring theatre montages from The Bungle era that frustrated the hell out of me. The albums were:-

1. Tomahawk: Patton vocals, Denison (from The Jesus Lizard), Rutmanis (from Melvins) and Stanier (from Helmet and The Mark of Cain). THIS is the type of band that could play in pubs again. This is the type of music one could say, lets get some up tempo music playing. Where I would rate FNM a 7/10, this album reaches a lofty 5/10. Patton is above this sound. He's way too gifted.

2. Lovage: Patton vocals, and here's the weird thing, rest of the band that band Gorillaz. This was a smooth, slow album, again very different from everything else, but Patton uses his VOICE for the 1st time since Mr Bungle in my opinion. The album title is "Music to make love to your old lady by", and you probably could, but again - not really true to what I believe a Patton album should be.

Now he has released Peeping Tom. A huge back step in my opinion, apart from the songs:-

Don't even Trip
We're Not Alone (which is a cover)

Very theatreised again. Every song he has teamed up with a different DJ or special guest from Kid Koala (DJ), to NORAH JONES !!!! Way too synchopated again. There are times when you feel as though you are listenning to an arrangement created for a horror movie. That is what the album name is derived from anyway.

All up, I have bought 25-30 CD's with Patton in it, because he's such a damned beautiful artis with that voice, and musical ability of his. He'll die one day (like all of us), but it will be a shame that he had never fully reached his potential in my opinion.

Whether it be drugs, or whatever - he's obviously got a few screws loose.

Anyway - I expect no replies, I just needed to vent and have done so. Thank you for probably not listenning !!! Hehehehe.

Oh yeah - BRING BACK FAITH NO MORE !!!!! :p

The Gronk

Sing it sister!!!

I am a massive FNM fan myself. I think your comments are spot on there. Patton is freakishly talented, but has released some really weird crap. Mr Bungle I liked but he has just gone off the rails from there.

I think I saw that Peeping Tom were playing down here and I didn't even think about going, which is a big change to sleeping out to get tickets for FNM back in the day.


Journey Man
Makes you wonder if the band rather than Patton wasn't the reason for FNM success? They grounded him.

The Gronk

well as far as I remember the writing was done by the whole group (although they did have a turnstyle for the guitarists spot) so you might be right about that.


Journey Man
In the later stuff Patton wrote Faith No More's "lyrics". He (Patton) had a falling out with Jim Martin who actually wrote most of the musical scores, who subsequently left the band. This was the start of their demise.

And Mata - 100% correct. The other members of Faith No More kept Patton grounded. Remember - Patton wasn't Faith No More's original vocalist. It was Chuck Mosely. They released an album with mosely called "Introduce Yourself" by Faith No More. The best song on that album in my opinion is "We care a lot".

For the record, Jim Martin started a band called Milk and Blood after leaving FNM. It's like pub rock.


Yep agree with everything being said.

Mike Patton is a great muso.

He was at his best when he was in FNM and Mr. Bungle (quote unquote.. love that song)

Hopefully, he's not remembered for the puss he is putting out now.
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