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pay tv

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by earl, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. earl

    earl Active Member

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    how good is this Pay tv caper.
    Got it connected on Tuesday and i am about to watch the Eagles for the 3rd time this weekend. Cant get enough of a good win.
  2. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    I want a full report :dance: :dance:
  3. Nutzcraw

    Nutzcraw Active Member

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    haha yeah mate i've had it for a few years.. it's pretty good!!

    Now that i have it i don't think i could live without it... 2 DELAYED games a week is just puss

    No ads in foxtel's coverage aswell.. it's much better.. especially on a sat night if you got nothing better to do it's always a possibillty to stay home with a few brews and watch 3 games of footy back to back
  4. PEPSI

    PEPSI Active Member

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    yeah i have never watched so much footy and if you cant get to an away game, you will always catch it on TV. The Fox commentators leave a little to be desired, especially G Tallis who borders on illitrate, but at least you get to see the game.

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