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Passion, Loyalty, Honour…Wait…Where Did He Go?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by mozgrame, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. mozgrame

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    There is no greater honour than representing your nation. That is what they keep trying to tell us anyway. The passion of playing for your country, joining together as a team representing an entire nation who…oh hang on, I’ve got a better offer elsewhere. I’m off. Do your best without me. I might even play against you lot!

    Welcome to international Rugby League, one of the few sports in the entire world that allows you to switch nations at will.

    The RLIF recently changed rules regarding nation swapping. On one hand they extended the residency period from 3 to five years, meaning that an Australian for example can’t go over and play for the New Zealand Warriors for three years and declare that he is now a Kiwi. This was a much needed change to the eligibility rules which, funnily enough, I think will help French players from getting blocked from their national side by imports more than anyone.

    Read more...http://www.leaguefreak.com/passion-loyalty-honour-wait-where-did-he-go-8550/
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    • SeaEagle9413

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      From Wikipedia:

      "Although Cherry-Evans was born in Brisbane, the fact that his mother is English made him eligible to represent either country at the test level. In 2011, England coach Steve McNamara offered Cherry-Evans a starting spot on the English team for the 2011 Four Nations tournament."

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