Paseka and Keppie

Dion Johnson

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Tent hoping he continues with his game he was the standout today in the pack, Keppie gets his defence spot on, the running game was good tonight also from him.

Tent gets the offload going he had in early 2021 before Turbo came back he was our best player in the games we got belted..

Dion Johnson

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If Keppie could play parra every week he would be the best front rower in the game.

I have no idea what they did to hurt him but he pays them back every time
He was a Parra junior, but spot on he does muscle up against them.


Paseka was outstanding, if he can get an offload going while he surges or a quick play the ball with the defense he attracts he will be even better.

Keppie didn’t do anything dumb and was solid, but I’m still not fussed in him, at all


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Great to see Paseka showing what he can do now that he is injury free. Let's hope he stays that way. Keps defence was very good but still seems difficult to bend the line consistently. I'm no coach but he just seems to be too upright or something. Anyone know better about that kind of thing?


Aloiai was awesome today too. Really led from the front. We went to **** when he and Paseka went off. We need more from the bench. Sipley over Bully for mine. Fifita if he stays.


Both finally look to be on the verge of their breakout seasons.

Want to focus on Paseka as well. This is the second game in a row where he's come on for his second stint with game changing energy. We scored 3 tries back to back to back instantly when he came on. Just pure energy and front-foot dominance. Very impressive and very happy with that. He's growing into his body and he's playing really well. In rugby league it's known that props take a while to grow into themselves and reach their peak, we have been waiting for a while with Nella but it's good to know he's still very young, he's honest with himself, he knows this is a big year for him. So I'm excited to see his future improvement.


To me Paseka for a while suffered from the T-Rex syndrome....he didn't realize how big he was. But I've really noticed last year and this, he is suddenly realizing he can trample people.....and he's loving it!

I think Keppie is improved. And as others have said....Keep it Simple. Don't do those idiotic offloads he was doing last year (on our try line!) hit it up hard. And Tackle that....and we will love you!

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