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I hope you all enjoyed the game last night. Sometimes the heavens align for me and i threw the winnings from Above Deck at the GC straight on to Canberra at $3.30. Anyone who saw the Raiders effort against Brisbane last week and Parra's players who can't get out of each others way would have considered it a good go.

The Blue and Gold army is such a joke. All I could hear was 60 minutes of booing from them, almost drowning out the commentators, and then they all got up and went home early. Yes, it is a good weekend when the eels are 2 from 8 games :drunk: :blaugh:


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Almost as much fun as when the Bulldogs lose.

"The Eels were booed off the park by the crowd of 10,146 at half-time but by full-time there were not enough fans left to berate their players as they left the field." SMH

Oh, joy.


yep parras performance was the shining light of the weekend no question, losing is one thing, but not even turning up is another, had to laugh!


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As for how the Parra players' team spirit is going:

Eels' stars feud
By Dean Ritchie
May 10, 2006

PARRAMATTA chief executive Denis Fitzgerald last night sent a strong message to his players that turning on one another won't help the embattled Eels.

Fitzgerald admitted his players were arguing on the field during last Saturday's shock loss to Canberra at Parramatta Stadium.

"This isn't a time to be arguing - it's a time to be looking for solutions," said Fitzgerald.

The Eels boss said players became confrontational after the Raiders scored one of their five tries in the Parramatta Stadium game.

Tensions reached flashpoint when there was a verbal stoush between Mark Riddell and Nathan Hindmarsh as the Parramatta players huddled behind their own tryline.

Fitzgerald said players had started to "blame each other".

Graphic Fox Sports images from last Saturday night's game show Riddell and Hindmarsh exchanging words before Cayless intervenes as the blow-up threatens to escalate.

Cayless pushes Hindmarsh on the shoulder to try to settle things down.

Forward Dean Widders, standing behind Hindmarsh and Cayless, then steps in and talks to Hindmarsh.

The drama occurred after Raiders winger Adrian Purtell scored a try in the 73rd minute to seal Canberra's 30-10 win.

"I heard there was a bit of blame game going around," conceded Fitzgerald.

"Nathan Cayless stepped in to try to calm down the situation. He was trying to keep a lid on things.

"After a disappointing display, disagreements happen in the heat of the moment.

"I don't know what was said or who was blaming whom."

Asked would he speak to the players over the drama, Fitzgerald said: "No. The coach [Brian Smith] can sort that out during the week.

"It was one of those things that can happen on the field when things aren't going well.

"We have experienced players and an experienced coach. They can work through the situation."

The incident comes a week after Parramatta halfback Tim Smith was accused of abusing teammates during Parramatta's one-point loss to Manly at the SCG.

Hindmarsh played down Saturday night's drama when contacted by The Daily Telegraph last night.

"We had a conversation behind the goalline where there were a few of us involved," Hindmarsh said.

"It was all positive but there was some aggression to it."

Told the photo with him and Cayless looked confrontational, Hindmarsh said: "No mate, there was nothing in it."

The Daily Telegraph last night attempted to contact Widders, who was in camp with the Country side.

But Country officials would not allow Widders to talk about any Parramatta issues, gagging the Eels star.

Parramatta is running third last on the NRL competition table, having won just two matches from nine games this season.

Meanwhile, Widders said yesterday he was keen to stay at Parramatta with his contract ending this year. He is a free agent from June 30.

"I'm hopeful of staying at Parramatta, I love the club, they have been really good to me," Widders said.

"It is sad to see [coach] Brian [Smith] go next year, but I would still like to stay there and I'm hoping we can work something out.

"That's out of my hands at the moment. Hopefully we can stitch something up in the next couple of weeks."

Parramatta faces an in-form Bulldogs side this weekend at Telstra Stadium.

Fitzgerald has said repeatedly coach Smith will see out his final year at the club.

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Won't Jamie Lyon be looking foward to going back to parra with those headlines.

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